5 Cleansing Foods For A Healthy Digestive System

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Contributed by- Saumya Shatakshi, Senior Nutritionist

If you are looking out for some good detox, then focus on foods that cleanse your gut. Your gut is the way to most illnesses; so keep your gut healthy and toxin free, to prevent ailments.

The digestive system is bombarded with various foods, additives and other harmful substances. Little do we attend to minor gastric disturbances and food intolerance; but they mean a lot. As you easily munch on junk food, fatty and sugary foods, many toxins build up inside. May be that’s what makes you catch cold or you often have a sick feeling. So, what to do? Regular detox is the key. Include foods that can cleanse your gut and help you get rid of toxins.

Here are 5 cleansing foods for a healthy digestive system.

Healthy fluids

The best fluid that tops this list is plain water. Drinking water has plenty of benefits and the most appreciated one is detoxification. It is believed that if you drink a glass of water, the first thing in the morning, it can help cleanse your gut really well. Even during the day, it is best to sip on some water to keep yourself hydrated and maintain the gut cleansing process. The next widely appreciated healthy drink is buttermilk, with natural probiotics and an excellent cooling effect. Natural coconut water, another healthy drink, is also widely popular. It not only cleanses your digestive system and urinary tract but also helps you maintain good nutritional balance.

Another trend in healthy lifestyle is fruit infusion drinks, also called fruit detox water. You can easily prepare it at home; wash, cut and immerse fruit slices in water and store it in the refrigerator. Have it when you like or carry it on the go, to enjoy a wonderful gut cleansing drink. Use lemons, oranges, apples, berries, melons in different combinations or with mint leaves.This is a great pick when you are looking at healthy, simple ways for cleaning your digestive system.


Fibrous fruits

Most fruits are rich in fibre; you can enjoy them for a healthy digestive system. Oranges and other citrus fruits, melons, berries are some of the best fruits you can have. Fruits like banana, papaya, mangoes too are rich in nutrition and cleanse the gut to ensure a healthy digestive system. It is rightly said, ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. Apples are rich in pectin and a great source of fibre that can remove toxins from your gut. If you suffer from constipation or other gastric issues, fibrous fruits can surely help you manage it.



One of the most popular colon cleansing food is yogurt. Easy to digest, this wonder food provides your gut with the essential healthy bacteria and keep toxins at bay. Yogurt not only helps to cleanse the digestive system, but with a healthy gut, it keeps several illnesses away. It also helps to improve your immunity and build a strong system. Other fermented foods too are rich in healthy bacteria and must be taken regularly. They help create a balanced digestive system by eliminating the effects of food additives, preservatives and other toxins built up in your gut. Yogurt helps even if you have food sensitivities or digestive problems.


Whole grains and seeds

Since ancient times, grains, nuts and seeds have been one of the healthy foods. Today, once again they have gained much popularity, owing to their health benefits. Flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. are one of the healthy foods and a rich source of fibre. When you have them regularly they can provide roughage and keep your gut clean. Being one of the best cleansing foods for a healthy digestive system, they must be included in your daily diet. They also provide healthy fats and other nutrients, thus preventing weight gain and heart disorders too.

Similarly, whole grains, while being rich in fibre are also a great source of vitamin B complex and minerals. Replace refined grains with whole grains and make them a part of your daily diet, to enjoy a healthy digestive system. Whole wheat, oats, brown rice, quinoa, millets, barley, all can be a great choice.


Green veggies

For a nice colon cleanse, have green veggies and leafy vegetables that are locally available. Most greens have rich nutrients and fibre that can keep your gut in excellent condition. Common green veggies like broccoli, cabbage, beans, peas, guards, spinach and other leafy veggies, must be taken. You can enjoy them as vegetable juices, salads, soups, boiled, cooked or steamed veggies or mix them for an interesting taste.

Gut cleanse is essential for all, to enjoy good health and prevent infections and other illnesses. However, if you have frequent cold, allergies, immune disorders and gastric troubles, gut cleansing is extremely beneficial. Know your risk for health problems with tests for cold, allergies and immune disorders. Seek medical opinion and take appropriate treatment.

Given here are some of the best cleansing foods for a healthy digestive system, you can be more creative with your diet. Plan your routine with regular exercises and include these foods in your daily diet.

Remember, ‘you are what you eat’, so eat the best foods that keep your gut clean.

Enjoy good food and good health!


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