Contributed by- Dr. Snehal Singh With the cold weather upon us, episodes of cold and allergies are quite common. Sneezing is a part and parcel of cold and aller

All You Need To Know About Zika Virus

Contributed by- Dr. Snehal Singh A lot is spoken about Zika virus. But, what exactly is Zika virus and why is it such a huge cause of concern? Initially Zika vi

कैसे रहें पेट की परेशानियों से दूर?

लेखिका- डॉ.धृती वत्स क्या आपके लिये पेट कि परेशानियां आम बात ह

Busting The Hubble Bubbles About Hookah

Contributed by- Dr. Snehal Singh Hookah smoking has been a part of our culture. In the olden days and still in some communities smoking hookah is considered as

हाथों को धोना क्यों है जरूरी

लेखिका - डॉ पूजा चौधरी माँ का हाथ साफ़ रखने कि हिदाय

Chikungunya Vs Dengue: Understanding The Difference Between The Two‎

Contributed by: Dr. Dhrity vats

Chikungunya vs Dengue: Understanding The Difference Betwe

Exercise Ball: Know All About Them

Contributed by-Dr. Dhrity Vats Exercise ball is the new fitness trend that has taken over the world. It is the new way to stay fit and also help in dealing with

मधुमेह हो सकती हैं आपके नींद की परेशानी की वजह

लेखिका- डॉ धृती वत्स क्या आपको पता था कि नींद न

त्वचा की देखभाल के लिए सही उपाय

लेखिका- डॉ. धृती वत्स स्वस्थ्य मुलायम त्वचा किसे नहीं पसंद है

A Guidebook On Untreated Thyroid Disorders

Contributed by- Dr. Dhrity Vats Thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped gland located in the back of the throat. The 2 inch big gland is one mighty powerhouse