5 Amazing Face Pack Ideas For A Healthy & Brighter Skin This Winter

5 Amazing Organic Face Pack Ideas For A Healthy & Brighter Skin This Winter

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Winter necessitates moisturizing and nourishing the skin, especially your face because of the continuous exposure to winter elements that occur due to lack of humidity. Thus, fretting over skin health during winters is one of the most common winter pangs.

Before we dive into the pool of measures and ways that can benefit your skin this winter, let us first learn about the lifestyle practices that can deteriorate skin health. These include:


    • Washing the face too many times
    • Going to bed with make up
    • Not disinfecting the phone
    • Skipping meals
    • Ignoring the neck
    • Not drinking enough water
    • Frequently changing skincare routine
    • Smoking
    • Neglecting acne, blackheads, oily skin, and dry skin


If any of these practices are a part of your lifestyle, now is the time to stop them and implement changes that can help you get your skin glow back. 

Using homemade face packs is one of the most important techniques that can help keep the skin healthy for a glowing appearance. The best part about this DIY (do-it-yourself) technique is that you don’t have to buy any off-the-shelf synthetic face packs that can cause side effects like skin irritation, redness, and pimples.

With the following DIY face pack tips, you can now prepare a healthy and organic face pack at your home by using ingredients from your kitchen shelf or refrigerator. 


Top 5 homemade face packs

It is common during winters for your skin to suffer a lack of moisture and skin dryness. In case of dry skin, avoid using grainy packs and include ingredients such as honey, almond oil, curd, milk cream (malai), and orange juice. 

Here are the best five DIY face packs for you to beat the winter skin woes:


  • Make a paste by mixing half a teaspoon of honey with egg yolk and then adding one teaspoon of dried milk powder. Apply the paste on the face and leave it for approximately 20 minutes before removing it with clean water.


  • People who have oily or acne-prone skin can make their face pack by mixing half a teaspoon of honey with one spoon of curd and egg white. Don’t forget to add fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti) to make the paste and apply it to the face. Make sure that after 20 minutes, you remove the pack with clean water.


  • Apply ripe papaya to the face by making its pulp as it helps in cleansing the face by removing dead skin cells.


  • Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is very good for skin problems that occur during winter. Applying two to four grated carrots on the face and leaving it for around 20 minutes before washing, helps in cleansing the skin and maintaining its glow.


  • Another DIY face pack for healthy and nourished skin is made by mixing one spoon of choker (wheat bran) with one spoon of orange peel powder, curd, and aloe vera gel. Use plain water to remove this pack after applying it for approximately 30 minutes and witness rejuvenated skin.


Note: Honey is an essential ingredient as it suits all kinds of skin.


Benefits of using face packs

When we talk about skin health, we become extremely conscious, as almost everyone has a desire for healthy and beautiful skin. The DIY face packs benefit the skin in several ways, some of which include:


    • Improving skin texture and making it clearer
    • Cleansing the skin by removing impurities, wastes, and dead skin cells
    • Keeping the skin moisturized and skin pores free from clogged oil
    • Improving blood circulation to the skin
    • Making the skin look healthier and rejuvenated


Final thoughts

To get a fresh, moisturized, and youthful look during winter, one of the most essential things you need is a face pack that ensures no side effects and goes easy on your skin. This winter, say no to skin complications by using the above-mentioned organic homemade face pack ideas that are easy to make and the keys to skin rejuvenation. 

As you take care of your skin, watch out for other winter-related illnesses that can strike you and dampen the joy of the season. Keep yourself protected against cold, flu, fever, and other health issues this winter by opting for regular health check-ups to stay on top of your health.


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