5 Foods That Do Weird Things to Your Body

Understanding your foods better

Contributed by: Saumya Shatakshi, Senior Nutritionist

The vast benefits of healthy eating is known to all. Infact, food is what makes or breaks our health. Choosing the right kind or healthy choice of food is very important. A lot of foods are good for health and similarly particular foods can be bad for health as well.

But, did you know about foods that makes your body react in weird ways?

Yes, the rumors are true, particular foods can actually bring some unusual changes in the body. These changes can be both good and bad. We use most of these foods in our daily diet and some them are really healthy. So, let us not delay any further and read about these weirdly amazing foods.


Unfolding The Mystery

The foods that can make our body behave in weird and unusual ways are listed below. It is also important to know about them to avoid alarm and panic situations. Once, you know about the affects that they have on our bodies, it will get easier to tackle the weirdness attached with them.


Garlic Can Improve Body Odour

Garlic makes you smell better

Yes, you heard it right. Garlic can actually help improve body odour and help you avoid a lot of embarrassment. The antibacterial property of garlic is the possible reason behind its ability to improve body odour.  Body odour is caused by the presence of bacteria on the surface of the skin- in armpits or between the toes. Garlic destroys this bacterium, reducing the intensity of body odour.

So, start adding the amazing garlic in all your meals. It not only adds health but also makes your body odour attractive

Eating Fiber Loaded Foods Can Give You Gas

Do you suffer from frequent gas problem? Your fiber rich diet has to be blamed. Although, fiber is good for health and helps with digestion but too much intake of fiber can have it’s adverse affects.

The average recommended intake of both soluble and insoluble fiber is 25 to 30 gms per day. The bacteria in our gut breaks down the dietary fiber to some extent but not completely which causes temporary bloating and gas. Especially if one has an imbalance of good and bad bacteria.  Moreover, soluble fiber from fruits, vegetables and oats acts like a sponge and absorbs a decent amount of water. Staying hydrated is hence important to avoid discomfort and problem of gas. Chew your food better, eat small meals or take probiotic for better digestion in case of increased discomfort.


Beets Turns Your Urine Red

Beetroot and the red colour of your urine

Beetroot not only makes your tongue turn red but it can actually turn the colour of your urine red as well. So, if you happen to have beetroot then red colour urine is not cause of alarm.  Although, urine turning red/pink after eating beetroots is seen more in people who suffer from iron deficiency. This condition is called beeturia and is caused due to the presence of anthocyanin pigments in the beets.


If Allergic To Dairy, It Might Cause Inflammation

Dairy products and allergy

The immune system of every person responds or behaves differently to different types of foods. Many are allergic to dairy products as the whey and casein protein found in cow’s milk can cause some unwanted reactions. Incase of people allergic to dairy, intake of any dairy product makes the body produce immunoglobulin E antibodies and histamine in defence to attack the allergen. This causes people allergic to dairy to experience joint inflammation and pain.


Alcohol Can Turn Your Pee Dark Yellow

Too much alcohol turns your urine dark yellow

Too much of alcohol, partying hard the previous night can cause your urine to turn dark yellow in colour.  Alcohol has a diuretic effect and increases the urine frequency. Till the time you are well hydrated, your urine has a light yellow colour or even clear. But once you are dehydrated, the colour of your urine turns dark yellow.

On the other hand, people who consume large quantity of alcohol over several years may suffer from Alcoholic liver disease that again causes dark urine and needs immediate medical assistance. Thus, it is only wise to control your alcohol consumption and continue staying healthy.

Know your foods to understand your health better. Incase of weird reactions to foods, fret not.

Know Your Health Better

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