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5 Healthy Ageing Tips For women

essential tips for aging women
Contributed by Rachana Arya

Aging is a natural process and spending this period of time the right way is determined by how you identify with it. Age is just a number and you can always feel your best if you try to stay healthy. Here are five tips to keep you hale and hearty amidst the mundane routines of everyday life.

  • Embrace more water and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful radiation

Drink sufficient water for it nurtures your skin, nails, and hair. Water also facilitates smooth digestion and flushes toxins out of your body. Always wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun. Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer, immune suppression, and cataracts.

  • Keep yourself fit by moving your body

Exercise is an excellent anti-aging therapy. A consistent workout keeps you fit and reduces the chances of insomnia and you get more confident about yourself. It is medically proven that two and a half hours of exercise a week is adequate to boost not only your physical health but also mental health. Exercise aids in straightening up your posture and reverses the bone loss due to aging. Remaining active can mean a walk or taking the staircase instead of lifts and consistent yoga sessions. Workout also nourishes the skin cells of your body by flushing out the toxins and other skin debris. It also manages diabetes, heart diseases, and osteoporosis.

  • A positive outlook is also vital

According to a study, people with a positive outlook towards aging lived longer as compared to those who approached it with a negative attitude. This negativity results in one of the most common mental ailments which is depression. People often go through major variations in their lives such as retirement, death of loved ones, and medical problems which are responsible for their mental and emotional agony.

If your feelings of sorrow start to hinder your daily life and normal functioning, then you might be suffering from depression. Take some time out for yourself and enjoy. Do something that brings a great smile to your face. Indulge in an activity that acts as a stress buster for you. It could be anything such as reading, baking, drawing, knitting, singing, etc. If you find it difficult to cope with negative thinking more often than not, do not isolate yourself and speak with your doctor about it as soon as possible.

  • Regularly screen yourself for common diseases related to women

Breast cancer is the most frequently detected cancer among women and the risk rises with age. If detected early, breast cancer can be treated successfully. Cervical cancer is also one of the most common categories of cancer found in women across the globe. This cancer might not show any signs hence it is recommended that women aged between 21 to 65 yrs should get this test done after every three years. Also, you should take extra care when it comes to your teeth while aging. Brush your teeth regularly and floss them properly. Regular consumption of milk and calcium supplements is also good for your teeth. You should also go for a dental check-up twice a year.

  • Don’t eat hard. Eat smart

Proper nourishment is needed more during old age because as you grow old you lose muscle mass, bone density and burn fewer calories. Avoid sugary drinks and include low-fat products such as fruits and vegetables in your meals. Consumption of high nutrient food does make a big difference. Reduced bone density can result in one of the major health concerns such as osteoporosis, a disorder that happens due to calcium deficiencies in the diet which affects millions of women worldwide. Your breakfast should include porridge, cereal with berries, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid eating out as much as possible.

If you are a woman, then you have countless responsibilities but these minor changes can make a big difference in your overall health. And with regular health checkups, you can stay a step ahead of diseases and other health conditions. Further, you can read our blog on the top 10 health issues women face. We hope you find the article informative for you.


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