5 reasons why mosquitoes bite you more

Do the buzzing mosquitoes always bother you? Do you wonder why mosquitoes bite you so often? Well, maybe it is because you are the one mosquitoes like. Mosquitoes have some preferences and they follow their chosen ones. In fact, mosquitoes are fussy about their food and they surely want the best.

But why you? It is interesting to know why mosquitoes bite some and not others. If you closely observe mosquitoes and your experience with them, you may be able to relate to it.

Here are 5 reasons why mosquitoes bite you more

Mosquitoes like your sweat

Mosquitoes can sniff their food even from a distance. Studies have revealed that mosquitoes can smell your sweat. Various components in your sweat can make you more tempting for the mosquitoes. If your sweat smells of ammonia, lactic acid, uric acid, you are sure to be their favourite food. Some may have a genetic make that releases such substances in sweat. In some, the sweat may smell of alcohol after having a beer, which may be just perfect for the mosquitoes. Tempting sweat is more common in people who sweat more or exercise a lot. So, while it’s good to exercise and remain warm, it may also be a reason why mosquitoes are attracted more to you.

You wear dark clothes

It is believed that mosquitoes spot their victims using their eyes. They can easily spot dark colours and backgrounds. So, if you wear, red and dark-coloured clothes, it could be one of the reasons why mosquitoes bite you more. You must have noticed that when mosquitoes prefer dark backgrounds to hide. When you wear dark clothes, you offer them a great camouflage and they take advantage of it. Also, if you are moving too much, mosquitoes are can spot you easily and are sure to follow you. Now that you know why mosquitoes bite me so much, be careful when choosing dark shades next time.

Your skin invites mosquitoes

As mosquitoes smell their victims, the chemical components of your skin and your body odour play an important role. After eating certain foods like garlic and cheese, your skin may emit a peculiar smell, which can entice mosquitoes. Also, if your skin secretes those special compounds, which mosquitoes love the most, you are sure to be their victim. Mosquitoes follow people who release secretors like saccharides and antigens through their skin. Some studies have also shown that mosquitoes are attracted towards bacteria present on the skin. This possibly explains why mosquitoes are attracted to your feet, which are often rich in bacteria.

You exhale more carbon dioxide

The presence of carbon dioxide around a person is another important reason why mosquitoes bite some and not others. Mosquitoes can sense their victims based on the carbon dioxide exhaled. Maybe that’s why mosquitoes buzz around your head and face more. The metabolic rates in pregnant women and overweight people are higher even when they are resting. So, they exhale more carbon dioxide and often become an easy prey.

You have that special blood

Now that sounds really interesting! Mosquitoes are attracted to some special blood. This will leave you wondering what blood do mosquitoes prefer. In fact, some studies have shown that Type ‘O’ blood group is preferred by mosquitoes much more than the other blood groups. People with this blood group may have certain chemicals that attract mosquitoes. If you have Type ‘O’ blood group, you now know why you are the chosen one and that’s something you cannot change. The best you can do is to take action and learn how to make mosquitoes not bite you.

Understanding the Threat from Mosquito bites

Whether you are a favourite of the mosquitoes or not, you surely don’t want mosquitoes near you. The reason why mosquitoes bite us is to suck blood and thrive on it. But that’s not all, in this process, mosquitoes spread many diseases from one person to another. Mosquitoes can spread malaria, dengue, chikungunya and many other infections, which have serious complications. These infections are life-threatening, which can be prevented by being aware and controlling mosquitoes. Hence, it is important to prevent mosquito breeding and protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Knowing how to make mosquitoes not bite you is important. To be safe from diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya use mosquito repellents and nets, wherever possible. Wear fully covered light-coloured clothes, when going out in the garden or fields especially at dawn and dusk. Keep surroundings clean, spray mosquito repellents and avoid standing water in your surroundings. You can also plant medicinal herbs that act as an insect repellent. Moreover, if you note any symptoms of fever and chills, immediately consult your doctor, for appropriate investigations and timely treatment.

Even if you are a mosquito magnet, you can surely protect yourself from mosquito bites. Take action now. Don’t let mosquitoes bite you; you have good reasons to keep them away.


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