Contributed by: Priyaish Srivastava


Dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, cashew, pistachios, dates, and more are some of the healthiest inclusions that can be made in your diet. 

They are loaded with vital nutrients including proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibres. And if any food contains so many essential nutrients, it is bound to provide a host of health benefits. 

One of these nutrient-rich dry fruits that can benefit your health in numerous ways is raisin. 

Raisins are prepared by drying grapes. The size and colour of this dry fruit largely depend upon the quality of the grapes. Therefore, you can find raisins in yellow, green, black, brown, blue, or purple colour. 

Many people tend to have raisins in large quantities because of their small size, which is wrong! Excess of anything can be dangerous, thus, raisins should also be consumed in moderation. 

Here are some of the best ways of having raisins:

  • Soak them in water overnight and eat them directly
  • Use them as a topping on salads
  • Mix them into oatmeal to make it tastier and healthier
  • Add them to your cup of yoghurt

Given below is a table to help you learn about the nutritional value of 40 to 50 grams (normal serving size) of raisins:

Protein1.42 g
Fats0.11 g
Carbohydrates34.11 g
Sugars28.03 g
Dietary fibre1.9 g
Vitamin C1 mg
Calcium27 mg
Iron0.77 mg
Magnesium15 mg
Potassium320 mg
Phosphorus42 mg
Sodium 11 mg

Health benefits of raisins

There are several advantages to having a moderate amount of raisins daily. Apart from making a nutritious snack, they can aid in boosting health in the following ways:

Improves cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular health can be compromised due to an increase in bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and high blood pressure

Raisins are packed with potassium. Having them regularly can help improve heart health by controlling blood pressure and reducing LDL.

Lowers the risk of chronic illnesses

Raisins can make one of the healthiest food options that can be consumed in several ways. 

They are loaded with antioxidant properties that can help in minimizing the risk of chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Promotes gastrointestinal health

Raisins are a good source of soluble fibre that can help in promoting gastrointestinal health. 

They also contain anti-inflammatory properties which help improve intestinal function by increasing good bacteria in the gut.

However, if you persistently experience symptoms such as upset stomach or unintentional weight changes, opt for a stomach checkup and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Improves oral health

Oral health is directly connected with general health, and thus, it should not be ignored. 

Raisins are loaded with antioxidant properties and may help protect against cavities by stopping the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Fights cancer cells

Raising are high in antioxidants that may help reduce the chances of developing cancer. 

According to studies, daily intake of raisins and other dry fruits may also help control the aggravation of certain types of cancer.

Manages blood sugar levels

Taking measures to maintain healthy blood sugar levels is important for your overall health and having raisins regularly can help with this process. 

This dry fruit has a low glycemic index (sugar content) and is rich in fibre and antioxidant properties which helps in regulating blood sugar levels

Improves skin health

Raisins help in preventing cell damage due to ageing. They contain antioxidants that are essential for blood cleansing and keeping skin complications at bay.

Risks of excessive raisin intake

Excessive intake of raisins may give rise to the following complications:

  • Unwanted weight gain
  • Gas, bloating & cramps
  • Low blood pressure (hypotension)

Final thoughts

Having raisins regularly can provide you with several nutrients and the above-mentioned seven health benefits. However, it is also important that you avoid overconsumption of this dry fruit.

Furthermore, to make sure that a health complication never goes overlooked, get preventive health checkups regularly. 

These health checks not only give a comprehensive insight into your health but also allow you to take the necessary steps to promote your overall well-being. 

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