7 Things You Didn’t Know Were Damaging Your Teeth

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Contributed by – Preksha Buttan

The first thing that attracts us to anyone’s face is their smile. A beautiful smile automatically makes us look attractive and confident. A smile can look even more gorgeous if you have bright pearly-whites. But, it isn’t easy getting beautiful teeth. Teeth require a lot more care than just brushing and flossing. Here is a list of things that you didn’t know were damaging your teeth.


Tearing wrappers with teeth

Most of us are guilty of this, using our teeth to rip open a packet of chips or something else. Some of us are even proud of being able to break walnuts with teeth. But this strength may not last for very long if you continue doing so. Since the tip of the tooth is the thinnest, it can chip easily. This habit can also invite tooth fracture. These fractures, chips and cracks can become the cause of tooth decay. If the condition worsens, your tooth may have to be removed permanently. So, immediately stop using your teeth as tools.


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Brushing in a wrong manner

If you think that brushing twice a day will be enough to keep dental problems away, then you are mistaken. The biggest blunder most of us commit is brushing too hard in back and forth motion. If you think that brushing hard and using a brush with hard bristles can help you get rid of plaque easily, then you are absolutely wrong. By doing so you are only risking your enamel to wear off and hurt your gums. Instead, what you should do is position the bristles under the gums at 45-degree angle and brush toward the biting side of the tooth. Also, make sure you use a brush with softer bristles. This way you will remove the plaque more effectively without hurting your teeth.


Tooth Grinding and jaw clenching

Waking up with a headache, pain in front of the ear and teeth in clenched position is the sign of teeth grinding while sleeping. The pressure while grinding can strain face muscles. Also, muscles that help us chew are connected with the muscles of the forehead. This explains the headache in grinders. If you are one of them, then you are at risk of enamel erosion, tooth fractures and other dental problems. Visit your dentist and learn how you can avoid this risk.


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Having piercings around lip, cheek and tongue

Although lip, cheek and tongue piercings might be trendy, they can cause some serious damage to your teeth. They can cause infections, swelling and bleeding of the tissues. The adjacent tooth might also get injured. Your gums too are at risk of recession which can eventually cause tooth decay. If you have oral piercings or are planning to get one, then you need to be extra careful about your oral health. Visit your dentist and learn about all the methods to maintain oral health.


High sugar intake

Often parents try to keep their children away from candies and chocolates. The fact that they damage the teeth is common. However, it is not just those chocolates that pose a threat to your teeth. Any kind of sugar, be it in soft drinks or fresh fruit juices, is harmful to your teeth. Acid-producing bacteria consume the sugar and then that acid damages the enamel gradually. Not just sugar, acidic foods and drinks like oranges and lemon can damage your teeth in the same manner. Additionally, brushing your teeth right after consumption of such food in the hope of getting rid of the sugar and acid quickly is even more damaging because your teeth are in critical condition during that time. So, wait for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before you brush.


Chewing hard objects - Healthians

Chewing on hard objects

Since childhood, most of us are habitual of casually chewing pencil tops, pen caps or even nails. It happens unconsciously but is really harmful in terms of oral health. Dirt on these objects can accumulate in between your teeth. It creates a favourable breeding ground for germs in your mouth. With time it will result in more and more gum issues which in turn causes tooth decay and tooth loss. Moreover, this chewing can cause your enamel to weaken and break. Hence, it is important for you to make conscious efforts to avoid chewing on objects.


Too much of bleaching

Overuse of teeth whitening and similar bleaches can be harmful to your teeth. It damages your teeth enamel and can lead to tooth sensitivity. If you already have tooth sensitivity then consult your dentist before going for any whitening procedure.

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