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The presence of diabetes mellitus is marked with increased thirst, frequent urination and weight loss. But diabetes may not always occur with these typical symptoms. Most people with diabetes mellitus know about it only when their blood sugar levels are alarmingly high. But if you know the early symptoms of diabetes, you can seek early medical help. Diabetes treatment can work best if started early. So, identify the unusual type 2 diabetes symptoms and protect your health.

Here Are 9 Unusual Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes

Skin Changes
Not much is discussed about this symptom. But it is possible that early symptoms of diabetes can include skin colour changes. If you note changes in your skin colour on your neck, it’s time to be alert. Dark discolouration at the back of your neck can indicate insulin resistance, which ultimately results in diabetes mellitus. Since, such skin discolouration may also be due to other illnesses or due to some medications, it is worth paying attention to it.

Strange sensations in the limbs
Diabetes affects your nerves and can damage them much before you are aware of your diabetes status. Damaged nerves are often present with burning, tingling or numb sensations in the hands or feet. This is common in nerve compression in cervical and lumbar disc problems or other neurological disorders. But as it can also mean diabetes mellitus, hence, it is best to not ignore these sensations.

Hearing problems
This is an unusual type 2 diabetes symptoms, which often gets ignored. While hearing problems are common in aging people or after injuries and infections, it can also be a symptom of diabetes. Increased blood sugar levels can affect the nerves, most commonly auditory nerve, which can affect hearing. So, if you find yourself increasing the television volume, plan a check-up at the earliest.

Increased daytime sleeping
If you feel tired during the day and need to take long naps, there may be something wrong in your system. It is believed that people who sleep for more than an hour during the day, are at increased risk of diabetes mellitus. Increased daytime sleeping is often due to excess fatigue, lack of adequate sleep or emotional disturbances, which are the early symptoms of diabetes.

Change in vision
As diabetes affects nerves, one of the important type 2 diabetes symptoms include changes in your vision. Some people may note blurring of vision due to raised blood sugar, while some may see floating objects in front of their eyes. That’s not all, some may also notice an improvement in their vision. However, in most cases, once diabetes treatment begins, the vision may return to what it was earlier. But, any such weird change in vision must be properly evaluated.

Increased blood sugar levels in diabetes mellitus can affect blood circulation. This can result in increased itching. If you experience dry, itchy skin, jock itch, frequent yeast infections, you should see your doctor.

Slow healing wounds
Just as increased blood sugar affects most other functions, it also hinders the healing process. One of the most recognised type 2 diabetes symptoms is slow healing of wounds or infections. Many times, as the skin sensation is also altered, an injury may go unnoticed. Uncontrolled blood sugar does not promote healthy healing. This results in long-standing injuries or skin infections, with a greater risk of complications.

Restless nights
Restlessness at night is another early symptom of diabetes. It could be due to disturbed sleep, frequent urination, sleep apnoea or restlessness of legs due to nerve damage in diabetes. Excessive stress, which is a common indicator of diabetes mellitus, too can cause increased restlessness at night. Do not ignore this complaint, getting it evaluated in time can help prevent further problems.

Sexual problems
Diabetes mellitus can affect sexual functions in both men and women. Improper blood circulation to sexual organs in diabetes can result in loss of libido and affected sexual functions. Unusual symptoms of diabetes in men include erectile dysfunction, along with increased urination at night. Women may experience vaginal dryness and difficulty in arousal. If you experience these symptoms, it is better to seek a medical opinion.

Apart from this, it is also noted that diabetes mellitus can sometimes affect the muscles. It can cause wasting of muscles in otherwise healthy individuals. Also, people with diabetes are more prone to shoulder pain or frozen shoulder, causing pain and stiffness in the shoulder. This may result when raised blood sugar affects the connective tissue in the shoulder joint.

You should test for diabetes  if you identify with the above signs. You can use a blood sugar machine or glucometer at home, but for accurate results it is better to test in the laboratory. For effective monitoring of blood sugar levels, glucose tolerance and glycosylated haemoglobin must also be measured.

Diabetes can be managed well with appropriate medical advice. Following a diabetic diet coupled with the prescribed diabetic treatment can help control your blood sugar levels. Knowledge of the unusual early symptoms of diabetes and timely medical treatment can prevent diabetes complications.

So, be watchful. Pay heed to any such changes in your body. Those could be the signs of type 2 diabetes. Seek timely medical advice and begin early diabetic treatment.

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