Everybody loves to go on a vacation – whether you are somebody who tirelessly works in a 9 to 5 job or someone who is bored with the intricacies of a mundane life.  Vacations are a true escape, where you get to explore, witness the bewitching vistas or be your own version of young, wild and free. 

As much as vacations are desired and looked forward to, they can also be a break from a consistent fitness or diet regime – a break that all health-conscious people won’t be a fan of. But who says you cannot be health conscious and make smart nutritional choices while you are on the go? 

You may not be able to get delicious and healthy home cooked meals, but you can still take care of your nutrition on the road. 

Consider this blog post a knight in shining armour in that regard.  

Read the menu like you are reading a book thoroughly 

Among burgers and fries, pizzas and tacos, there can be a salad or a cup of rajma rice. What we mean to say is that you must make healthy choices. Don’t gorge on junk food when there are healthier alternatives on the menu. You can even instruct the restaurant to go easy on sauces and spices and make a healthier meal for you instead.

You might as well pick healthier restaurant options. Explore the menu before you pick a restaurant. Make the pick accordingly. 

Consider eating from smaller plates

Let this be louder for the people at the back, portion size matters! A 300-calorie meal can easily turn into a 600-calorie meal if you keep increasing your portions, little by little. 

So, the best thing you can do is eat from smaller plates. This goes even when you are not on vacation and simply watching your diet and weight. While you are at it, consider filling your plates with more veggies than carbs to control your calorie intake.  

Keep your focus on the picturesque vistas, people and activities

What makes a vacation fun and memorable? Food? No. 

Instead, it is the people you go with, the places you explore, and the picturesque vistas you see. You must change your perception of food. Food is not the reason you will be enjoying it. The moment you take on this perspective, you will not be greedy or tempted to overeat or make unhealthy nutritional choices. 

Prioritise protein

If you have to have junk food, and there is no other option near you, then what you can do is prioritise protein. Protein is any day better than high-fat and high-carb meals. For instance, choose a chicken burger over an aloo tikki burger (if there’s no other healthier alternative and you don’t mind non-vegetarian food) 

Carry small and light snacks with you 

You take your makeup essentials and sunglasses packed in your backpack while you are vacationing, so why not take healthy snacks with you? 

Dry fruits like almonds and fruits like apples and oranges are healthier snacking options you can choose when you are on the go. 

But, cut yourself some slack 

Until now, we have been telling you to watch your portions and pick healthier alternatives, but now we are telling you to cut yourself some slack. You may think we are being contradictory. But give us a chance to explain. 

By cutting yourself some slack, we do not mean that you keep eating junk food every single day of the vacation. Instead, we are emphasising that you give yourself a treat from time to time. We understand how a hotel breakfast buffet can be tempting for you, it would be cruel of us to suggest you stay away from it.  

So, what you can do is give yourself this treat every once in a while, on vacation. Twice a week if you are on a long vacation. If it is a short one, have one heavy meal in the day and eat lighter on the remaining meals. 

Closing thoughts 

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed, they must not be regretted. So, go easy on yourself. Do not try to be perfect, but try to find a balance instead. Don’t have an all-or-nothing attitude. Be easy. 

So, ensure you go at a reasonable pace and go back to your normal healthy routine at the earliest! 

Have a happy vacation!

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