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Fight Summer Fatigue

Fight Summer Fatigue - Healthians

Contributed by – Dr. Manjula Sardana

Dehydration whether in the form of excessive sweating, vomiting, loose motions or any bleeding from the body is the main cause behind easy summer fatigability. This leads to low blood sugar levels and an electrolyte imbalance that results in low energy levels and added stress. Moreover, the heat plays on psychologically, adding to the discomfort.


What are the reasons behind fatigue?

  • Excessive sweating leads to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance
  • Dietary causes: Decreased appetite due to rise in temperature leads to low blood sugar levels
  • Inadequate replenishment of fluids
  • Food contamination: Increased temperature allows bacteria to multiply faster hence people fall prey to digestive disorders fast, especially those who enjoy street food more. Stomach disorders add to discomfort and fluid loss from the body, further increasing stress and fatigue


What are the precautions to be taken?

Dietary recommendations:

  • Stay hydrated: Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of fluids daily.
  • Savour chach/ mattha, lassi, aam paana, jal jeera, kanji, nimbu paani, bael sharbet, ganne ka juice or fresh fruit juice are some great options to quench your thirst instead of cold drinks.
  • Eat water-based fruits like watermelon, muskmelon
  • Avoid fatty fried food
  • Opt for fresh fruit juice and avoid canned or packaged alternatives.
  • Cut caffeine intake
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Add wholegrain and cereals like oats, brown rice porridge and food rich in dietary fiber
  • Add mint and curd to your diet to keep cool


Remedy to fight summer fatigue - Healthians

Indian summers are known for its high temperatures causing excessive fatigue. To avoid heat strokes:

  • Outdoor exercise should be restricted to early morning or late evenings
  • For any day time physical exercise, opt for air-conditioned gyms or well-ventilated rooms
  • Stay indoors during peak hours from noon to 4:00 pm
  • Avoid UV radiation in any form: Cover your head with caps or dupattas, wear sunglasses to keep your eyes healthy.
  • Avoid dark-colored thick coarse or synthetic materials especially when outdoors to help your body cope up with the hot climate. Cotton should the most preferred material.


What are the necessary steps to be taken to get rid of this fatigue?

For instant relief, drink fresh coconut water or lime juice to fight electrolyte imbalance. Alternatively, glucose can also be taken. Always carry soaked nuts like almonds and walnuts with you. Whenever you feel tired, munch few for instant energy. Wear only soft cotton, light-colored clothes to keep the heat at bay. If you cannot avoid going out at daytime, always carry water with you.


What is the best remedy if none of the precautions work for you?

If fatigue and weakness continues in spite of all precautions, its best to investigate the root cause. The major medical reason behind easy fatigability are iron deficiency anemia, thyroid disorder that slows metabolism rate and low electrolytes. Hence, investigations for each are recommended. Seek proper medical advice, and get tested for any vitamin deficiency, thyroid, anaemia and electrolyte imbalance. Once the real reason is diagnosed, proper supplements, rest and diet is the way to fight summer fatigue.


Quote from Doctor

“Exhaustion, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, headache, frequent cramps and body pains are some of the common summer fatigue symptoms. Maintaining your electrolyte balance and sugar levels are very important to fight summer fatigue. India is a hot country with fierce summers. Hence, the need to change your lifestyle, dietary choices, even clothes and restricting outdoor activities is crucial to stay healthy. The magic potion for summers is water and fluids. Stay hydrated no matter what. And in case complications arise, don’t ignore your symptoms, seek medical advice timely.” – advices Dr. Manjula SardanaQuality head at Healthians.

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