Contributed by Harleen kaur


There is nothing better than winter when you can curl up by the heater with a hot cup of tea and a cosy wool blanket. You might ignore your hair while having fun with wintertime fun. As the winter season causes the air to dry and chilly, your hair becomes brittle and thereby prone to breaking.

It’s interesting to note that while many individuals concentrate on winter skincare, hair is largely ignored, making your hair dry and brittle,  the risk of breakage. 

To adopt an effective hair care regime with the season getting colder and colder, continue reading to discover what you should do.

Top  5  benefits of adopting winter hair care tips

Regular oiling

In these chilly winter months, massaging your hair and scalp with natural oils on a regular basis, say once or twice a week, will strengthen your hair follicles, nourish your roots, and boost blood supply in the hair roots.

Keep in mind that throughout the winter, your hair’s cuticles become extremely dry, causing split ends and breakage. This is why you should give your las ocks additional attention with regular hot oil massages during the winter season.

Intake of water and healthy fats

Avoid dehydrating yourself and consume enough healthy fats found in nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds to keep your hair healthy from the root to the tip. Healthy fats can provide the protein your hair requires, making it stronger and healthier from the inside. Not only can they decrease the risk of breakage, but they can also improve the shine of your hair and reduce the frizz that results from a protein deficit.

Deep conditioning

What is better than a hair mask for providing additional care for extra dryness in your hair? You can buy or build your own deep-conditioning hair mask. Simply combine some yoghurt, vitamin E capsules, honey, and olive oil, and set the mixture aside for 15 to 20 minutes. Olive oil and honey nourish your hair, and yoghurt serves as a natural conditioner.

Change the way you wash your hair

There is no denying the fact that during the dry winter months, your hair requires more oiling since the natural oils secreted by the scalp are not enough. These protective oils give vital moisture to the scalp that can be lost from your hair by over-shampooing. Use a gentle shampoo that is appropriate for your hair and scalp type and restrict the amount of hair washing to once or twice a week.

Additionally, avoid washing your hair with back-and-forth motions as this can promote tangling, breakage, and weakening of the hair follicles.

Comb carefully 

Dry winter hair has a tendency to tangle terribly. So the idea is to carefully work your way down from the middle of your hair length while using a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage and reduce pressure on your scalp.

Final thoughts 

For your hair to survive the winters, it needs its natural oils. No matter how much conditioner or oil you use, the more you wash it off, the dryer it becomes. During the chilly weather, try to space out your washes more frequently. 

And when you wash it, use mild shampoos that are gentle on your hair. Above we have mentioned some useful winter hair care tips you should keep in mind for healthy hair.

In addition, make sure you choose products that are nutritious for your hair and carefully read the label of any products you are using. Choose natural and clean products.

Furthermore, you should also undergo preventive health checkups if you experience excessive hair dryness or dandruff. These health checkups give a complete report about your health, allowing you to take necessary precautionary measures to improve your well-being and keep various ailments at bay. Apart from these health tests, one should also opt for genetic testing to know any underlying medical conditions.

Q1. How can I get silky hair in winter?

Always apply conditioner to the body of the hair rather than the scalp; leave it in place for no more than 30 seconds before rinsing.

Q2. How can I care for my hair at home?

Use chemical-free shampoos. 
Dry your hair naturally.
Properly oil your hair.
Use a wide-toothed comb to naturally style your hair.

Q3. How can I get nice hair every day?

Choose the right shampoo
Avoid hot water
Don’t wash your hair frequently
Apply aloe vera.

Q4. How can I strengthen my hair naturally?

Reduce the heat from appliances 
Consume vitamins
Use mild shampoo.
Massage your scalp oil. 
Consume extra protein.