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Haven’t found the best rakhi gift for your sibling yet? We know it can be difficult to choose a valuable gift especially when there are so many attractive offers in the market. So, here’s a simple suggestion from us. This Raksha Bandhan, give your sibling the gift of health. Although health-related gifts aren’t Instagram worthy, they are the need of this hour. Considering current times, gifting your sibling health is the best way to show them you care. Hence, below is a list of healthy gift items that we are sure your sibling will love (and so will your pocket).

Appointment with a dietitian

We all know that eating right is very crucial to staying healthy, yet it is the most ignored zone. Fast-food, packaged meals, street meals have become a daily ritual, and things as basic as water intake is often ignored. Hence, fix an appointment of your sibling with a dietitian to promote healthy food choices, altering individual needs, and fulfilling nutritional requirements by providing a balanced diet menu. Anyone affected by either a lifestyle or chronic disease or a fitness-conscious brother/sister will surely cherish this gift as a health ticket.


Basic health monitors

The dream metropolitan life comes with few health side-effects. Diabetes, blood pressure, lowered immunity and seasonal flu are just a few to name. Gift your sibling basic health monitors like BP Monitor, glucometer & digital thermometer to keep a constant eye on any fluctuations. They help to maintain a regular charting of the vital parameters especially for elderly people like blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and temperature. Early morning blood pressure reading is the most ideal reading as it records the basal blood pressure, which one often ignores due to the absence of a monitor.


Full body checkup                    

An annual health check-up is the best gift you can give anyone. The basic goal of a health checkup is to find the hidden diseases in the body by a comprehensive screening of the entire body, helping in both preventive healthcare as well as disease management. Book a full body health checkup with Healthians at the lowest price with free home sample collection, online reports, click away convenience, free doctor and dietitian consultation.


Yoga mat/sipper/ fitness bands/walking shoes

Gifts that bring fitness and fun into a home bring more agility and longevity. Another gift idea to promote an outdoor activity or a simple morning walk routine is walking shoes, sipper or yoga mats. A sipper will keep them hydrated. Fitness bands will monitor and track fitness-related metrics such as distance covered, calorie consumption and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep. And the attraction to wear a new pair of walking or jogging shoes will definitely pull a person out of the bed. You can either make a hamper and gift all of these or select few and leave a few for the next time.


Pill organizer

An inexpensive way to help a person remain healthy and independent is to support them in taking their medication every day. Managing medications can be a challenge for many elderly people, especially when certain prescriptions must be taken at specific times during the day. This task can be even more daunting for people with multiple diseases that often end up taking multiple medications at the same time. The more drugs they use, the more likely they are not to remember to take them. One gift that can help simplify medication management, giving peace of mind and maximizing independence is a pill organizer. They come in a variety of styles from daily to monthly storage options and a variety of sizes.


Brain-training games

Brain-training games are great gifts ideas. Just as people benefit from exercising their bodies, brain training programs are designed to improve memory, awareness, reasoning, and emotional intelligence. They help to make rational decisions and ignore distractions. Also, constant brain challenges are better than just watching television. Apart from the various free games that are available online, you can choose from the conventional board games or gift paid app downloads as well.


Pharmacies gift cards & prescription pick-ups

Give the gift of health and wellness with a pharmacy gift card. The card is available in any denomination and can be redeemed in any store or online. Your local pharmacy may offer a prescription collection service. This system ensures that all prescriptions are found and delivered on time. For people who stay away from family and parents, this is one of the best ways to show you care.


Health insurance plan

What could be the best gift for your sibling – a card or a bouquet or something significant to show our love and gratitude? These things are definitely very cliché but the benefits are short-lived.  Gift them a health insurance plan and light up their face. Also, these days medical expenses are touching the sky. Simple caring gestures like a health plan will give them a stress-free option.


Weighing scale

Name one person in your circle who is not facing weight issues. You will hardly find any! Few are overweight, others underweight, and few weight-obsessed. Yet, equipment as simple as a weighing scale is not present in every house. This happens because we tend to ignore the most obvious and focus on other hyped goodies.  A weighing scale will keep a measured check on weight management and help tackle problems that arise due to obesity. Also, a regular weight check motivates lifestyle modifications.

If you believe that health is the truest wealth, then do not think twice before making your sibling wealthier!


Give the gift of health now!