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Healthy Foods For Rainy Season

Know about the healthy foods for monsoon

Contributed by- Palak Mathur, Nutritionist

Pitter-patter raindrops on the windowsill brings with them the nostalgic smell of good memories and happy times. The pleasant breeze carries with it the good old earthy scent and relief from the unbearable heat. Vibrant umbrellas, jumping in the puddles, the aroma of yummy foods; it is really hard to ignore the infectious joy of the season.

Controlling the urge to binge eat and ignoring the monsoon cravings becomes a herculean task. Rainy days are synonymous to happy emotions which are a great companion for fried and fatty foods. Just sitting back lazily sipping hot tea and munching on snacks like samosas, pakoras; is an ideal rainy day. But, such indulgent eating can be cause of several health problems during monsoons. The monsoon season unfortunately also is a time of infections, allergies digestive ailments and other health problems. So, it becomes important to not just let into our cravings.

Eating right during rainy season is not just a choice but a necessity. It becomes extremely important to choose wisely when it comes to food. Let, us together explore such food options that can become our healthy companions this monsoon season.

Healthy Foods For Monsoon Season


Garlic - Healthians


Garlic is full of healthy antioxidants and immunity boosting properties. Also, good for digestion, garlic becomes a must part of all rainy day yummy meals. Crush and add this healthy food to your curries, veggies, broths etc. The best part is that garlic is an ingredient that is used in all kinds of cuisine. So, this monsoon do not shy away from loading your meals with garlicy goodness.


A warm bowl of soup is the best medicine for cold and the soul on a wet rainy day. You can add healthy ingredients to your soup as per your choice. There is huge variety of soups to choose from. You can always experiment your soup and customize it with the warmth of fresh and healthy ingredients. Grab a bowl of healthy goodness this monsoon, kickback and just relax.


Ginger - Healthians


Another gift of mother nature that is a powerhouse to healthy ingredients. Do not forget to add ginger to your veggies, curries, soups and the most beloved hot ginger tea in rainy season. Add grated ginger to warm water with a squeeze of lemon to boost your immune system and get ready to beat the seasonal infections. Ginger in herbal teas or ginger tulsi tea can do wonders and help treat cold and seasonal allergy.

Black pepper

Adding the magical zing of black pepper to your meals not just adds flavour but also health. Black pepper is a natural antidote against cold, fever, cough, flu, muscular pains and respiratory problems. These spicy little corns are small bombs filled with huge health benefits.


Vegetables - Healthians


Vegetables like bottle gourd, bitter gourd (karela), tinda etc. are healthy option for the season. They are rich in dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble and help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Apart from this, these vegetables have high iron content and are rich in vitamin B and C. They help in keeping your tummy light and have anti-inflammatory agents which controls and prevents bloating, acidity and heart burn and keeps the digestion process smooth.

Stop making that face and try having bitter gourd this rainy season. The health benefits offered by these amazing vegetables makes them a must have.


Eating healthy vegetables and fruits helps to boost your immunity and in keeping you healthy. Monsoon fruits are more on the sweeter and citric side and are packed with a lot of nutrients that provide the necessary comfort. Eat fruits as they help restore energy. Fruits are best sources for potassium, dietary fibre and are high on antioxidants. Choose from a wide spread of fruits like apples, mangoes, pomegranates, pears ,cherry, litchi, peaches etc.


Water - Healthians


Water is  a must for every season. Water  helps to remove all the unwanted toxins and helps cleanse the body. But, make sure to have clean water  and avoiding drinking water from outside in rainy season. Go ahead and add cloves in water to add the antiseptic goodness and immunity booster.  Drink lots of herbal teas like chamomile tea, green tea, or even ginger lemon tea that can help improve digestion and also boost immunity.

Healthy Snacking

The best friend for you during the rainy season will be healthy food at home such as brown rice, barley, oats and boiled vegetables. Opt for healthy munches like grilled corn, bread, juices, chapatti, chia seeds, dry fruits, flax seeds, roasted chana, roasted makhana etc. You can also go crazy with your innovative side and explore in the kitchen. Prepare yummy snacks using healthy ingredients and have a great monsoon with family.


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