Do you wish upon the shooting stars that your children could sleep without wreaking havoc? Nobody is stranger to the fact that handling children can be an uphill battle, let alone getting them to sleep. They will throw all kinds of tantrums – they would get hungry, they would want to talk to their friend, they would want to listen to a bedtime story, they would run around in circles and god knows how many excuses they will come up with just to stall their bedtime. Our mischievous ones certainly have a bottomless bag of tricks, don’t they? 

However, sometimes, they will not sleep because they are not feeling sleepy at all.  Even though it is pretty easy for most children to doze off, some have a hard time falling asleep. Insomnia is not common only in adults, but in children as well. 

So, whether your child is suffering from insomnia or is just too mischievous to fall asleep, here are some tips that can come as a knight-in-shining armour for you.

Banish those pesky gadgets before bedtime

Can your kid have their meals without watching Peppa Pig or Ben 10? We are certain the answer would be in the negative. Sadly, gadgets have now become a source of entertainment for kids – which they cannot do without. They use it all day long even at their bedtime, which can mess up their sleep. 

A smartphone or a tablet is not the healthiest option when you want your kid to sleep like the baby they are. The blue light can disrupt your child’s sleep. So, the takeaway here is to distance them from gadgets for at least 2 hours before hitting the bed. As an alternative, you can also read them a story. 

Some magical tricks up our sleeve 

If you thought only bedtime stories were effective in getting your child to sleep, you are in here for a surprise. Turns out, there are various other tips you can try. One of them is counting. Counting cannot only help them in their math class (and of course in life!) but they can also help your kids fall asleep faster. Surprised yet? Feel free to consider it a snooze-inducing button. 

Just so you know counting can promote relaxation. Encourage your kid to close their eyes, and slowly count to 100. In case it doesn’t work, try again till 100. 

 Breathing exercises to the rescue 

It’s time to calm down the active nervous system of your mischievous one. Breathing exercises can calm down the nervous system, promoting sleep. Here is what you have to do: 

  • Lay your kiddo on the bed. Ensure that the mattress and pillows are comfortable and cosy. 
  • Now have them place their little on their tummy, and ensure they take a long deep breath in and breathe out. 
  • Repeat the same 10-15 times. 

So now, did they feel the relaxation kicking in? 

 Time to loosen up those tensed muscles

The human body turns its sleep mode on when it relaxes. Hence, muscle relaxation is one of the most effective tips that both adults and kids can try. Here’s what your kid must do: 

Begin by asking them to tense the muscles in their toes for five seconds. Then, they should release the tension and allow the toes to relax for 30 minutes. 

Following that, make them repeat the same with their calves. You should make them repeat this until they reach their head. Make them tense and relax the muscles on different sections of their bodies one by one. 

 A splash of bath-time joy!

Who doesn’t love a warm bath? We all do, including your kid. It is an irresistible treat,  given that you make the bath fun. Just add your little munchkin’s favourite bath toys, make bubbles, play some soothing music, and it will be no less than heaven for you. Just so you know, taking a bath before going to bed can relax the muscles, preparing the body to sleep. Hence, no more whining and screams before a peaceful sleep. While this might be the go-to trick in the summer, you may want to skip it in winter. 

Closing thoughts

And there you have it, folks! We’ve dived into the magical world of bedtime battles and emerged with these super-duper helpful tips to get your little ones snoozing like cosy, content kittens. Remember, bedtime can be a fun adventure if you sprinkle it with a dash of imagination and a whole lot of love! So, let’s tuck them in with their favourite teddy, grab our imaginary capes, and embark on the epic quest for dreamland together. Happy sleeping, and may your nights be filled with peaceful dreams and endless giggles! Now, go out there and conquer the land of slumber, superhero parents!

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