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The spread of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc around the world and changed everything we’ve taken for granted in modern times. Terms like ’Social Distancing’, Lockdown’ ‘Quarantine’ entered our lexicon and our lives. Doing things that were a normal part of our routine – shopping, meeting friends, going for a monthly checkup, or doctor’s visit became impossible. 

While things like socializing or shopping are possible to avoid when push comes to shove, but what do you do when it is the matter of your health. Do you put yourself at risk of contracting the virus by visiting the hospital or do you put your health checkup on hold till the time the situation outside gets a little better? Either way, you are forced to make a very tough choice and maybe even compromise on your health. But, what’s the solution?

During the lockdown, online doctor consultations have gained popularity. And why shouldn’t it be so? It is the only way to talk to a doctor about your health needs or about any symptoms you are experiencing or just to have a follow up of your treatment without exposing yourself to the virus and risking your life. But, even that comes with its own set of questions.

How do you trust any doctor offering their service online? How reliable is their diagnosis? What value of money will you get? In case of any issue, will you get any resolution? Well, Healthians HPlus VDoc is your ultimate solution.

Healthians – a name to reckon with in the diagnostics industry has launched an online video doctor consultation service – VDoc. There is a wide range of specialities like dermatology, gynaecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, urology, cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, ENT specialist, dietician, and internal medicine

While teleconsultation has been here for some time,  video consultations are relatively new and offer you a better experience of interacting with your doctor. Video consultation lets you interact face-to-face with a doctor and is reassuring since seeing each other is more effective in terms of diagnosis of the problem one may be facing. 

All the doctors on the VDoc platform are highly qualified and skilled with years of experience to offer the best medical advice you can get. You can check the profile of the doctor before you make your appointment. By trusting VDoc, you are not only eliminating your risk of contracting the virus, but you are also saving your time because you don’t have to wait for your turn. You schedule a time for the appointment convenient to you and you consult the doctor right on dot. 

Navigating through the website and booking your slot is extremely quick and simple. You can make your payment within seconds, and consult with the doctor of your choice at your comfort. In the unlikely case where you face any technical difficulties or issues with the network, the customer support team is always ready to resolve any of your issues. 

On top of that, with VDoc all your medical records are safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about losing your records. All data will be saved in one place that you can access at any point as you wish. 

In challenging times like these, it’s important to take extra care of your health. Now that a platform like VDoc is there, you don’t have to postpone seeing a doctor worrying about visiting a clinic. So god forbid if you face any health problem, go ahead and book an appointment with a doctor on VDoc without any worries. 


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