If you think expensive lab test mean better quality, then you must read this!

The more the cost, the better the lab quality is the most common myth surrounding the diagnostic sector.

The fact is that a labs reliability is monitored through rigorous quality standards and controls practised by the laboratory. Special attention should be given while choosing a laboratory for a blood test, as the results decide the future course of medical treatment. Remember, never judge a book by its cover. Huge billboard ads and publicity may look attractive but that does not ensure quality. A lab must have qualified and skilled employees, up-to-date equipment and technology and it must maintain the total quality standards.

Quality control aims to detect, reduce, and correct deficiencies in a laboratory’s internal process prior to the release of patient results. Quality control plays an important part in assuring the quality of laboratory tests. The quality of a laboratory test result is dependent on many factors, and the first one begins with the lab. Care, skill, and knowledge while preparing the patient and the specimens are vital for the delivery of the highest quality standards.

The essential elements which are required for the quality assurance are:

  • Patient preparation and comfort
  • Phlebotomist
  • Technology and Equipment
  • Test accuracy and reliability
  • Documentation and records


Patient preparation and comfort

In order to attain the quality of laboratory test results, patients must cooperate by preparing themselves for the sample collection procedure. Understanding why a test is being performed and how it helps the doctors can improve the attitude and preparation for the test. Being well prepared also helps the patient feel more relaxed and in control of the situation. They should properly follow the instructions given to them by the doctor, especially when certain precautions in diet or medications are instructed as in the case of fasting blood test.

It is the responsibility of the lab to make the patient comfortable and satisfied. This can be done by providing home sample collection, an introduction of the test and its procedure at the time of sample collection and timely delivery of reports. In recent times, where traffic, distance and time are the biggest challenges for any individual while going for a medical test, free home sample collection on online availability of reports can be a big saviour.


Phlebotomist plays a key role in the quality management of any lab. A phlebotomist is a qualified technician who draws blood from patients for medical analysis, research, donation or transfusion. Their main role is:

  • People are mostly uncomfortable while getting their blood drawn, so it’s the responsibility of the phlebotomist to explain the process and help ease a patient’s nerves the best they can.
  • Phlebotomists must follow strict precautionary safety procedures in order to limit the risk of contact with potentially infectious blood, tissues and other bodily fluids.
  • Record keeping and labelling are also an important part of the process. This is also the major responsibility of the technician.
  • The collected specimen must be properly processed, packaged and transported to the laboratory in a timely manner and under the environmental conditions; the lab must not compromise the integrity of the specimen.


Technology & Equipment

The lab must have the latest technology and equipment’s to maintain its quality. Healthians.com has fully automated labs which are equipped with internationally renowned machines. This results in increased productivity to process a large number of samples per unit of time and reduction in human errors.

Test Accuracy & Reliability 

A test’s reliability must be monitored through rigorous quality standards and controls practised by the laboratory. Laboratories follow strict quality procedures and they need relevant accreditation to assure the quality of each test result. Further, specimen requirements must be written in a format that specifies the requested volume, storage temperature, and any special handling notes.

The test results accuracy and reliability depend on:

  • Correct patient identified for specimen collection
  • Time for specimen collection with given precautions
  • Correct specimen collection
  • Transportation of the sample to the labs
  • Analysing and processing of the sample as per the tests
  • Accurate test result generation
  • Correct patient result record


The lab must keep the records safely and should maintain the confidentiality of the reports.

The quality of a lab, in short, can be measured on accurate, precision, reliability, and timely delivery of tests results. However, even under the best conditions, errors can and do happen! If a lab gives us quality, at a price which is within our reach, and then why not go for it?

Healthians, India’s largest test at home service available at the lowest price has a comprehensive quality assurance programme to ensure that every step of the process of producing results – requesting, sampling, analysing and reporting – is monitored to ensure that the correct tests are performed, accurate results are given and these are communicated to you timely. We have the largest army of trained phlebotomist in Delhi NCR for free home sample collection. Our money-back guarantee on accuracy is our proof for reliability and quality.  Along with this comes expert doctor advice and dietician consultation at no extra cost.

Next time you get a blood test, don’t judge the lab on the basis of its price but its quality. Think wise! Think Healthians!

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