Certified Blood Sample Collectors? Yes, They Do Exist!

Contributed by- Dr. Pooja Chaudhary

Getting blood drawn? Wouldn’t you prefer to have the procedure done by someone who is professionally qualified, trained and experienced to do it? Moreover, with the growing facility of home sample collection, it has become important to differentiate between amateurs and certified trained personnel.

Introducing Phlebotomists, the professionals who draw blood from patients!  Find out what defines them, their job duties and why getting blood drawn from a certified phlebotomist is important.



  • Collect blood samples from patients
  • Decipher the best method for drawing blood depending on the specific patient
  • Practice proper patient identification
  • Correctly label the vials with patient names and dates
  • Transport and submit all specimen samples carefully
  • Should be able to work with a large number of patients varying in age and health status
  • Be friendly, courteous and sympathetic and hygienic when it comes to working with patients
  • Keep the phlebotomy cart/ bag or station well-organized at all times
  • Practice infection control standards at all times when working with patients and equipment

A phlebotomist must keep in mind each and every step to prevent patient injury and laboratory error.



The complete procedure of collecting all kinds of samples (blood/ urine/ stool/ saliva etc.) to submitting the same in a lab is prone to many human and environmental errors. The risk of pollution contamination increases in home sample collection. For those who submit their sample in a lab, the risk of errors drops. But for home sample collection, keeping a sample within the required temperature (2-8 degree Celsius) and submitting the sample within the required time frame (4-5 hours) can be very challenging. For this, the phlebotomist has to be educated about the risk factors and equipped with the right gear. Technology is the key to the successful collection of samples from home.



Phlebotomy plays a major role in diagnosis, preventive health care and treatment of diseases. This procedure cannot be performed in the absence of qualified and trained professionals.

For these reasons, phlebotomy certification is becoming an important factor in the healthcare industry.  Most of the employers (hospitals, diagnostic labs) and even patients want certified phlebotomist. The ease of a patient is the foremost, and this can be assured only by trained and experienced professional phlebotomist. A technician who possesses the right skills and knowledge gathers most trust from patients by giving them a pleasant experience.

A phlebotomist course from a certified phlebotomist school provides the following benefits:

  • Drawing blood requires sharp eyes, steady hands and skilled fingers. Having received a phlebotomy training will help in using the proper technique, making the procedure more comfortable for the patient.
  • It helps them in improving their communication skills, which is important while identifying patient, gain consent and trust and explaining the procedure.
  • Trained professionals dedicatedly maintain quality in their work on a regular basis.
  • Ease in meeting the standards that have been established and verified by a third party organisation.
  • Certification is a proof of the technician experience and knowledge.With the rapid and innovative technology in today’s world, the field of phlebotomy has developed a lot to be able to diagnose many illnesses such as cancer, anaemia and others from tiny samples of blood taken from patients. Hence for accurate blood test results, it is very important to get your blood drawn from a trained and certified phlebotomist.


Healthians.com works with the best phlebotomists in the industry

Quality, accuracy and reliability comes by working only with the best

  • We have the largest army of trained Phlebotomist in NCR.
  • We are the only private institute to have NACO (National AIDS Control Organization) certified phlebotomist.
  • We are the only labs where temperature control is maintained from the moment the sample is picked till it is tested. Special temperature maintenance packs and temperature monitoring devices are given to all phlebotomists and labs.
  • In case a sample is about to reach the maximum temperature, automatic warning SMS is sent to the phlebotomist, enabling him to adjust the settings accordingly.
  • We only hire DMLT or BMLT qualified phlebotomists
  • Each of our phlebotomists has a minimum experience of 1.5 years
  • Mandatory in-house 14-day induction & training to equip every phlebotomist with our process and procedures
  • Periodic training sessions for regular skill enhancement


So next time you book a diagnostic test, make sure you call Healthians! Be smart. Make smarter choices!

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  • Krishan Kumar Gupta

    How you maintain the temperature of the sample of blood collected from patient home.And time period to reach the lab in 4 hrs.Is there any diff in reports when sample is sent at mumbai lab.why variation in reports if compared between 2 labs.Is there some manipulation by the labs as said by some patients.

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