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Winter is upon us in all it’s glory: a season of lazy mornings, cozy evenings, bonfires, hot beverages, enchanting festivities, exciting gifts, get togethers and unlimited yummy food. The cold breeze in winter carries the magical warmth of celebrations which entices everyone big and small.

Winters is indeed enthralling and more so when you are geared up with the right preparations for the season. Even with all the excitement it is hard to overlook the health problems that winter brings with it; cold and flu, joint pains, asthma, heart problems, dry and scaly skin, dandruff just to name a few. It is always wiser to be prepared rather than becoming a victim of the cold. Preparations for winters not just includes warm clothes, gloves and room heaters; food is a huge part of it as well. With the right kind of food you can very easily boost your immunity and protect yourself.

So, have you stocked up on the best winter foods? What are the foods that you should consume this winters?

Below is the list of 7 amazing power foods which are full of taste and healthy goodness. Read to be prepared and protect yourself from cold this year.

7 winter foods to keep you healthy

Did you know that the body engine (especially the digestive system) works better in winter?

Thus, the food you eat in winter season matters a lot. You may very much want to skip your healthy food and binge on some calorie rich food but you know that’s not healthy. This is where the winter super foods come to your rescue. The right food choices can give you the energy boost and improve your immunity to fight the cold. So, choose from the right foods and keep yourself healthy and unstoppable this winter season.

Here is the winter wonder foods list just for you:


A bowl of warm oatmeal with added fresh fruits and some dry fruits is all you need to begin your day during winters. Oatmeal is amazingly good for your health.

Oats are one of the most healthiest grain available to us. They are the best source of complex carbs that gives you long lasting energy and are also rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Oats are also known to boost immunity and the soluble fibres are extremely good for your heart. Oatmeal offers numerous health benefits and also helps you to loose weight.

Include oatmeal in your breakfast for a healthy and productive day. Try new and interesting oatmeal recipes to bring variety to your breakfast table.


Eggs are the most humble superfood that offers innumerable health benefits. The best part about eggs is that you can prepare and include them in a never ending list of mouth watering recipes. Eggs are an excellent source of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Having eggs regularly gives you the much needed energy with loads of nutrition and better immunity.

Easy, tasty, healthy; egg offers it all. Be it boiled, poached, scrambled or mixed  with your favourite veggies and tossed in a pan with little olive oil – eggs are always fun. So, include eggs in your daily diet to reap the benefits.


Winter is a wonderful season of fresh, juicy, colourful fruits. Most of the fruits have a cooling effect, be it citrus fruits, melons, berries or other fruits make sure they all find way to your kitchen in some form or the other this winters.

These seasonal fruits are rich source of nutrition and will keep you fit during the days to come. You can have fruits as mid-meal snacks, fresh fruit juices with no additives or fruit infusion or detox water are a really good for you. You can also add pomegranate, chopped apple, pineapple, kiwi etc. to your salads and enjoy the goodness of taste and health together. Adding fruits to your daily diet is always a good idea.

Nuts and seeds

Another power packed food choice for winter months are dry fruits or nuts, particularly almonds and walnuts. Dates, too are rich in vitamin and minerals and helps you stay warm during winters. Add these yummy and healthy nuts in your cereal, it will not only make your breakfast much yummier but will also enhance your health.

Also, stock up on seeds like sunflower seeds, fenugreek (methi), flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds. Nuts and seeds are rich sources of healthy fats and help to ward off fatigue that can catch hold of you in winter. They are especially beneficial for joint pain and are heart healthy too. A rich source of minerals, these wonder foods also help to elevate your mood, to keep you fresh and active even in those lazy winter days.


Veggies are really healthy for all season but you can especially count on them in winters. Winter is a season of variety of fresh vegetables like carrots, peas, beans, potato, sweet potato, winter squash, corns, green leafy vegetables etc. These vegetables are full of energy and rich in proteins and other vital nutrients. From curries to salads, you can enjoy veggies the way you want and add some miraculous spices like turmeric, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, etc. to it.


Soups are the most popular and one of the best winter comfort foods. You can choose from a variety of nutritious vegetables and other healthy ingredients. Soups like clear vegetable soup with carrot, broccoli soup, mushroom soup, spinach or mixed veg soup, tomato soup are everybody’s favourite. These veggies have loads of nutritional benefits and can keep you in good health during cold winters.

Chicken soup with a dash of black pepper is full of taste and healthy goodness. It’s just perfect to fight cold and throat irritation. Spices can be creatively used in soups or curries to keep you warm in winters. So, fight the flu and the body pains with some delicious, home-made soups and enjoy the lovely winter evenings.


Everybody loves to savour a warm cup of tea. Ginger and cardamom tea is a all time favourite. You can also have a cup of herbal tea with milk for a refreshing morning. Adding some ginger and lemongrass to it can give you that extra boost.

Sip on a cup of green tea as it is full of health benefits. You can surely add some herbs like mint or basil to make it more refreshing. So, protect yourself from inflammation, pain and flu with wonder teas. Start your day with a cup full of goodness.


Your diet plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Hence, it is necessary to make the right food choices and include the best winter foods in your diet. If you are already suffering from have flu, joint pains, respiratory or heart problems make sure you follow medical advice and take appropriate medications. Get your medical tests done and know your health risks.

Right choice of winter foods can do wonders for your health. This winters eat healthy, stay healthy.

Keep your health in check this winters