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Swasth Bharat. Swatantra Bharat. Tips To Stay Healthy While You Work

how to stay healthy when you work

One of the first lessons learned in life is “Health is Wealth”. Yet with busy schedules, busier lifestyles and in the hot pursuit of a promising career, unfortunately, health takes a back seat. However, one should never forget that the old rule stands true. Prioritise your health, no matter what. Listing few basic tips that can help you step closer to a healthier you, in spite of those busy schedules!

  • Make water your best friend: Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day.
  • Eat tiny bites: Eat frequent and small meals in order to increase your metabolic rate.
  • Munch Smart: Avoid eating junk food during working hours. Instead of having pizzas, burger, noodles, samosa, patties, bread-roll, opt for some healthy options like dhokla, idli/dosa, upma, semiya, or brown bread sandwich with green chutney or multi-grain bread with egg whites.
  • Enemize the Elevator: Beat your sedentary lifestyle with few smart fitness hacks. Use stairs instead of a lift and take 10-15 rounds during the lunch break. Also, whenever possible walk to your colleague’s desk to discuss matters.
  • Go herbal: Antioxidant-rich green tea or various other versions of herbal tea (rosemary tea, chamomile tea, kahwa, ginger tea or cinnamon tea) is a good option.
  • Drink Indian: Go back to your roots when looking for fluid options. Savour chach/ mattha, lassi, aam paana, jal jeera, kanji, nimbu paani, bael sharbet, naariyal paani, ganne ka juice or fresh fruit juice to quench your thirst instead of cold drinks.
  • “Ghar ka khana”: Carry home-cooked lunch to the office. Cafeteria meals often include large portions and high-calorie choices. You can eat healthier and also spend less if you prepare your own lunch.
  • Opt for 1 meal dish: Incase, you have no choice but to eat cafeteria meal, opt for 1 meal dish combos like rajma chawal, pav bhaaji, dal rice, vegetable pulao with raita, idli sambhar etc.
  • Count your footsteps: Wear a pedometer to count every step. Aim to reach 7500 steps daily. Check your step count regularly to meet your targets and to stay motivated.
  • Schedule your meals: Eating meals timely is the first sacrifice we all make due to busy schedules. Make a conscious effort to eat meals on time. Set an alarm as a reminder.
  • Pin it: Put some inspirational quotes or photos in your workspace. Make your own bulletin board, remind yourself to concentrate on your health and wellness goals.


Healthy food habits to adopt at a regular corporate job

Nowadays, life is so hectic that people hardly get time to focus on themselves but it takes no time to adopt few healthy habits at a corporate level in order to be active and fit.

  • Drink warm water early in the morning empty stomach.
  • Many people had a myth that breakfast should be heavy as it is the first meal after 12hrs of fasting but the fact is it should be healthy. Try to avoid parantha, bread pizzas, puri sabji instead eat brown bread with egg whites, veg poha, milk with oats or muesli etc or simple roti and sabzi.
  • Try to include more fruits in your diet like apple, pomegranate, papaya, orange, sweet lime etc.
  • Avoid packaged fruit juices as they have high sugar content instead opt for whole fruit. Eating a fruit will keep you fuller and moreover, you will consume natural sugar and fibre.
  • During summers, opt for soothing foods that give comfort from the heat like:

                Curd – helps in digestion and boost immunity
                Coconut water – is a natural source of electrolytes for the body.
                Fruits –like watermelon and Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, sweet limes.


Tips to make office parties healthier

Socializing is an integral part of corporate life. Official tours, parties, meetings become a day to day affair for many. Hence, making smart food choices are all the more essential. Here are few tips:

  • If you enjoy your drinks, take alcohol in moderate quantities and with plain water or fresh orange juice.
  • Avoid taking tonic water, sodas or cold drinks.
  • Non-vegetarians should avoid fried stuff instead opt for grilled or roasted form.
  • Brush your teeth before leaving for a party as this will help control intake heavy snacks.
  • Eat fruits before leaving for a party to fight hunger pangs and temptation to eat loaded snacks.
  • After party tip: Eat fruit based breakfast next morning to avoid bloating.


Creative ways in which organizations can keep employees healthy

Focusing on employee health has many advantages; hence, if you are in a position to stir a change in your office environment, here are few tips apart from the usual gym option:

  • Provide healthy office snacks
  • Publish a workplace wellness newsletter highlighting the best fitness, nutrition, and educational content.
  • Stop offering soda and sugar-laden drinks.
  • Hold a health fair.
  • Adopt flexible work hours.
  • Start on-site yoga classes to relieve stress.
  • Post a note near the elevator reminding people to take the stairs.
  • Organize healthy cooking contests


Also, regular health checkups will help you monitor your health closely. #SwasthBharat. #SwatantraBharat.

Remember, each step, however tiny it may look will take you closer to a healthier you. So, start now!

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