Contributed by – Preksha Buttan

Etiquette lessons tell you that good posture is key to exuding confidence; it helps you create a good impression instantly.  And if you did correct it, would it make any difference.


Pros of Having a Good Posture

Well, we’ve listed five pros of having a good posture. Read on to know how posture can affect not just your social life but your physical and mental wellness as well.

Deep Breathing and proper circulation

Due to bad posture, your vital organs are compressed. This causes poor blood circulation due to which the organs fail to function well. While in an upright position, proper breathing is ensured because it opens the airways. This enhances blood circulation. Hence, the organs perform their functions effectively.

Better Digestion

Compression of organs in the abdomen due to bad posture can interfere with the functions of the gastrointestinal apparatus. This can give rise to a lot of digestive problems. A good posture will help in maintaining a normal flow and function of these organs which will, in turn, ensure proper digestion.

Prevents Muscle and Joint Pains

When you are in a proper posture, your bones and joints are in proper alignment. This reduces stress on the joints and likeliness of injury. The muscles work more efficiently and less energy is used. This will save you from muscle strain and pain.

Makes Spine Healthier

Improper posture puts pressure on the spine. Over time, it can cause permanent damage to it. With a proper posture, you will be able to avoid these damages and will maintain the strength of the spine. This will ensure less strain on it. Alongside, it will also maintain the proper balance of the body.

Makes You Feel Positive

Your posture is affected by your frame of mind. When you are in an upright posture you will automatically feel more confident and positive. It also makes you look younger and healthier. With a positive mindset, you will be able to perform your day-to-day tasks better with increased efficiency.


Correct posture - Healthians

Now that you know how having a good posture can help, how do you determine whether you maintain it? Well, we’ve got a fairly simple test to determine if you’ve got a bad posture.  If you have good posture, good for you, you can pat yourself and be happy about all the good things that are happening in your body due to posture.  But, if you are one of those slouching, slumping people, then we suggest that you try this test.

Stand against the wall. The back of your head, both shoulder blades and buttocks should touch the wall. Keep your heels 6 inches out from the wall. Mind you, the pose should feel natural and not at all strained. Now, have someone measure the gap between the wall and your neck. Along with that, also measure the distance between small of your back and the wall. Both of these distances should be less than 2 inches. If they are any greater, then you most likely have a poor posture.

If you don’t have a good posture, worry not, you won’t end up dented and twisted, not on our watch for sure. We’ve got your steps on correcting your posture both standing and sitting.


Correct posture while sitting - Healthians

Good Posture While Standing

  • Your weight should be evenly distributed on both of your feet. This will help you maintain your balance. If you lose balance by even a slight push then this is an indicator of uneven distribution of weight.
  • Your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should align. None of these should be out of alignment. And there should be no tension in your muscles while achieving this alignment.
  • Your left and right shoulder and hip bones should be evenly aligned. Also, your chin should be parallel to the ground.


Correct posture while standing - Healthians

Good Posture While Sitting

  • Ears should always be lined up with shoulders.
  • There should be no rounding of the shoulders forward while your back muscles are in a relaxed position.
  • Feet should be kept flat on the floor. There should be no crossing of legs as this will put pressure on the joints.
  • Bend of hips, knees and elbow should be at 90 degrees.


Try these tips to correct your posture standing and sitting, keep doing it consciously for a few days and you’ll notice that it’s become a habit. You’ll notice that you feel better, more confident and more in control and those etiquette teachers had it right, all this time.