Contributed by – Preksha Buttan

Mountains are some of the most fascinating travel destinations. Stunning vistas, crisp mountain air, peaceful settings and a whole lot of adventures- what’s not to love? But, if you are one of those who haven’t been able to experience all these joys because of mountain sickness, worry not. We’ve got something just for you. These 5 tips will make your mountain trips easy.


Know about your destination

You know the biggest mistake that most of us do is that we do not research about our destination. And by research we do not mean what places to visit but how elevated the destination is. Note that even a place with a lower altitude can make you sick. And the closer you live to the sea level, the longer the time you’ll need to adjust in the higher altitude.  Many cool websites and tools tell you about the elevation of any place in the world. Use them wisely and you are a step closer to a fun trip.


 ‘Plan’ your trip

We understand that the most random trips end up being the most memorable ones. But when the destination is of a higher altitude, planning is important, simply because our body needs time to adjust to new altitudes. So, having stops in between will help you adjust faster rather than reaching the height in one stretch. Plan your trip in such a way that when you reach a moderate altitude, you get to spend a night there. Continue like this until you reach your destination.


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Get yourself tested

Since you are already at risk of falling sick, an appointment with the doctor before leaving for the trip is a good idea. Your doctor will tell you about your risks and also what precautions you need to take. He or she will explain the symptoms to you in detail. You may also get some prescription that will help you to fight the sickness. Moreover, if you have any other chronic health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or arthritic pain, your doctor will guide you on how to manage them as well.


Mind what you eat and drink

Vacations are the time when we eat mindlessly. This is the reason that we often end up falling sick on the trips. Mountains have low oxygen levels. Thus, our body has special requirements. Listening to it and caring for it will only benefit. While on mountains eat more of complex carbohydrates. It will help you maintain your energy levels and your body will use the oxygen more efficiently. Furthermore, avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Instead, double the amount of water you drink. Keeping yourself hydrated is a must. It will keep you fit and fine throughout the trip.


Don’t forget to rest

Rest on high altitudes is extremely important. Don’t engage in activities that require a lot of your energy immediately after arriving. Take it easy. Have rest. Start slowly. It will give your body enough time to adjust to the new altitude. Also, if you have the option of going to a little lower altitude for rest, then go for it. Come back above later. This trick will save you from headaches or fatigue. Moreover, if you notice even the slightest symptom of mountain sickness, do not ignore it. Descend to a lower altitude and stay there until you get better. Climbing higher altitude gradually is key to keeping your body fit for the vacation.


Mountain sickness might not be a major issue for some. On the other hand, it can be a nightmare for others. Some might get away from it with a light medicine while others may need proper treatment. Whatever your situation may be, planning your trip well and taking a little care while traveling can help you. Do not cancel your mountain trips because of the fear of sickness. But learn how to fight it. Surely, these 5 tips will make your mountain trips easy.