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This Diwali, Take Care Of Your Health

Know how to protect yourself from pollution this Diwali

Contributed by- Dr. Pooja Chaudhary

The much awaited Diwali is just around the corner. Diwali is not just a major Hindu festival but also a time to get together and cherish the good in life. All our diwali memories are filled with nostalgic feeling of love, laughter and fun. Also, famous by the name of festival of lights, diwali is all about lighting up our homes with lights, lanterns and diyas which is a symbolic for good times and happiness. Diwali sure can seem incomplete without new clothes, sweets, gifts and fire-crackers.

Fire-crackers have been a big part of the Diwali celebration and are undoubtedly a whole lot of fun. But, bursting fire-crackers on Diwali can come with huge after-effects. The harsh truth is that bursting crackers on Diwali means an open invitation to several health hazards like lung congestion, breathing issues, cough, allergies, eye and skin infections The smoke emitted from the crackers tend to increase the pollution level significantly leading to smog.

Is it really worth it? Is the fun of bursting fire-crackers more important than our health? Read the various  side-effects of crackers on health and decide for yourself.


Health Problems During Diwali- Causes

It is no mystery that the major culprit behind the hike in pollution level and number of health related issues after Diwali are fire-crackers. Although, crackers are part of the age-long celebration but the need today is to discard crackers completely to protect us and our kids from major health disorders.

Firecrackers act as a major source of pollution that emits a lot of smoke and harmful particles in the air. Crackers are made up of several harmful ingredients which raises the pollution level several folds during just one night. The air pollutants emitted by these crackers are a cause for concern and allergic people should try to avoid coming in contact with these.


Hazardous Health Impact Of Fire-Crackers

This Diwali say no to crackers


As, we all have been victims of post Diwali smog and health problems. It is better to know the common hazardous impacts of fire-crackers :

  • Sulphur dioxide: One of the most common pollutants released from bursting crackers. It has mostly has injurious effect to the lungs and can mostly lead to wheezing and shortness of breath.
  • Nitrogen Oxides: Released from firecrackers and cause skin irritations, eye problems and respiratory problems in children.
  • Asthma and bronchitis:Patients suffering from asthma and bronchitis need to increase their medicine intake during this season. The heavy metals like lead and cadmium emitted by firecrackers make breathing even more troublesome for these people.
  • Suspended particular matter or dust particles: These particles are of much concern during Diwali. People having heart, lung and problems of the central nervous system are mostly affected by dust.
  • Dust and pollutants from the firecrackers take 3 days to settle and these can have a harmful effect on diseases such as allergic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, pneumonia and common cold.


Any person suffering from a medical condition is advised to stay away from places where the concentration of fumes from firecrackers is at its highest.


How To Keep Yourself Safe This Diwali

This Diwali stay safe and healthy


Diwali should be all about spreading love, joy and togetherness. This year make sure to take care of yourselves and stay clear of post-Diwali health problems. Following are the list of things which we can help you prevent unpleasant encounters:

  • It a good idea to start sipping on some herbal or lemon tea. This can help in keeping the common cold away and even ease our sinus
  • For the immune system, you must go easy with delicacies and be careful about what and where you eat
  • Squeezing little bit of lemon on salads and other foods is advantageous as it has antiseptic properties
  • Adding vegetable soups in your menu this season will keep you away from the calorie-laden foods and improve your immunity
  • You can add flavour to your foods with herbs and spices like dill, celery, garlic, pepper and cinnamon to keep allergies at bay
  • Dull skin can be prevented by splashing rose water or cold water on your face straightaway after coming from outside .This will reduce the chances of inflammation
  • Do not forget to stay hydrated and carry your bottles with you. Water helps you stay away from various health problems
  • Keep your mouth-mask handy. It will help you breathe easy and various air-borne pollutants
  • Keep indoor plants in your homes. Money-plants, ficus, ferns etc. can help in making the air safer for breathing
  • Spread the word and support the no crackers movement to have a safe and happy Diwali


It is high time that we pay heed to the signs and make small changes on our part to make our cities, our country, our world a better place to live in. This Diwali say no to crackers and yes to good health.


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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