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Contributed by- Dr Snehal Singh

Summer is at its peak! Are you taking enough care of yourself? Looking out for summer tips? You have reached the right place.

Whether you are going for picnics or enjoying vacations, summers can be very tiring. The scorching summer can drain you and leave you dehydrated if you do not take proper care. The only way to keep yourself healthy is staying hydrated in the summer.


How to stay healthy in the summer season?

Staying healthy in summer was never so easy. Yes, that’s true! You just need to have healthy summer foods and stay hydrated with enough water. Water is the most essential element of our body. During summer, due to the heat and sweating, any slightest physical exertion can cause plenty of water loss.

Severe water loss or dehydration can cause health issues like headaches, muscle cramps, dizziness and even heat stroke. Hence, there is a need to make up for the loss – which can be done by keeping yourself hydrated.

Let us look at some of the effective hydration health tips for the summer heat. This can be done by ensuring that you consume enough water to make up for the water loss in summer.

  • Drink more water – Drinking water is a task that we often miss out in our daily routine. You may not realise that you are being drained out until you become very thirsty and uneasy. However, you can prevent this by sipping on water at regular intervals. Carry a bottle of water even on the go. Keep your bottle at your desk, so that it reminds you of having water often. Use a reusable bottle and keep refilling it, as needed.


  • Look out for alternatives– If having just water sounds boring, you can go for naturally flavoured water. Fruit infusion drinks or water infused with mint or cucumber rings is the best for summer. Make sure that these are freshly prepared at home and stored in the refrigerator. You can also choose to have coconut water or buttermilk as healthy alternatives to water. Herbal teas, soups and warm drinks are a great choice if you prefer having something warm and refreshing. Avoid colas, alcohol and artificially sweetened drinks as they can cause more dehydration and add to excess calories.


  • Plan your diet–Your diet too plays an important role during summer. Hence, choosing a healthy diet is also one of the necessary tips for good health in summer. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain water to keep yourself hydrated. In addition to water, these also contain plenty of nutrients that help to maintain good health. These include cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, bell peppers, melons, berries and citrus fruits. Avoid processed, oily and junk foods.


Tips to stay hydrated - Healthians


  • Manage your exercise routine– If you are into fitness, make sure you manage your exercise routine to prevent dehydration. Wear comfortable clothing with appropriate gear. Any form of exercise, sports or swimming can cause water and electrolyte loss. It can cause muscle cramps, pain and dizziness in some. So, it is best to plan your fitness routine based on your health and capacity. Preferably, choose early morning or evening hours when it is less hot. Have a healthy protein rich or fruit and dry fruit milkshake to boost your energy. Sip on the water in between and have water-rich fruits and veggies post exercises.


  • Keep yourself cool– Protect yourself from the heat by staying indoors during peak hours. Wear light clothing to prevent water loss and use a hat or an umbrella. Maintain cool temperature at home, as much as possible.


  • Plan your travel–When planning for outings and vacations, keep the ‘drink more water’ regime in mind. Carry water along and plan for food and drinks based on these tips to keep yourself hydrated.


  • Protect your health – Summer often also brings digestive issues. If you suffer from fever, vomiting or loose motions, it can cause more water loss. Make sure you replenish your lost salts with oral rehydration at such times. Have light, easily digestible foods or sip on water and fresh fruit juices. Seek medical advice and get yourself treated at the earliest.


  • Be vigilant –While you take all the efforts to increase your water intake, you must also be aware of signs of dehydration. For example, dry mouth, dry skin, fatigue, infrequent urination and excessive thirst. Check your urine colour, which should ideally be light yellow coloured, if you are well hydrated. However, in dehydration, the urine colour turns dark yellow or even darker. This often needs immediate medical aid and rehydration. In babies, it may not be noted easily but fewer tears when crying and less wetting of diapers, needs attention.


Bloods tests can detect salt and electrolyte levels. A urine test can help detect the presence and severity of dehydration. These tests can be performed, as advised.

And there you have it. The most amazing summer health tips. So stay hydrated and you can surely spend a memorable summer this year.

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