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Top 10 health issues women face

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Women’s average life expectancy has risen from 48.3 years to 79.4 years. But those additional years aren’t so appealing if they are filled with health concerns like heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. Fortunately, all your top health-related apprehensions are preventable conditions. You should always keep an eye on the following key conditions to understand what you can do to ensure a disease-free life expectancy.

Health issues women face

Here we have discussed some common issues women face in their life:

  • Cancer

Breast cancer tops the list when you think about women and cancer. It is a major health concern for women. Hence, you should perform monthly breast self-exams, wear sunscreen, stop smoking, get your colonoscopy and consult your medical health practitioner about abnormal periods or abdominal problems.

  • Heart Ailments

Heart disease is one of the main causes of death in women but it can be prevented through behavior modifications. You can control it by eating a better diet, getting regular daily exercise, quitting smoking, and regulating how much alcohol you drink.

  • Stroke

You should know that around 60 percent of deaths happen in women due to a stroke. Stay aware and alert about the warning signs of a stroke. Never ignore face drooping, arm weakness, and speech problems. Seek immediate medical help in case of such signs.

  • Diabetes & Obesity

Type 2 diabetes is another condition that impacts female health because obesity is a risk factor for it. A combination of these two conditions increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. But you can prevent them all with healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Osteoporosis

According to research, one out of two women experience osteoporosis in their lifetime. This ailment starts long before other health issues. The earlier you start protecting your bones the better it is. Your bone mass peaks by the age of thirty that’s why childhood and teenage years are key for bone building. You can easily prevent osteoporosis by getting enough calcium and vitamin D which strengthens bones.

  • Depression

Depression is a condition that might last for more than a couple of weeks. It can interfere with your daily routine. According to a study, depression is twice as likely to affect women as compared to men. Some might require treatment but there are methods by which you can help yourself overcome it. Exercising, spending time with the people you trust, and making small aims are some of the ways that aid in killing depression.

  • Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune ailments happen when your immune system gets confused and attacks healthy tissues. There is an extensive range of these diseases which affect nearly every organ of your system. Research says that around 75 percent of such diseases affect women. These ailments aren’t escapable but an early diagnosis can help manage them. Therefore, you should not ignore symptoms.

  • Menopause

If you are a woman, then you will have to deal with menopause. Some women face symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and sleep disorders. This transition is known as perimenopause. During this, you should take care of your health. You should maintain a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise, practice stress management, and visit your doctor regularly.

  • Family Planning

This is a concern for maximum women. Some stages of your life are spent avoiding pregnancy while others focus on conceiving the child. You must visit your doctor regularly to deal with unwanted pregnancies.

  • Sexual & Bladder Health

Sexual as well as urinary tract infections are a concern for females. Functional problems such as urinary incontinence and sexual difficulties and bladder problems that worsen your sexual problems are also a major cause of concern. Consult your doctor for treatment of bladder problems and sexual difficulties to improve your sexual health. Communicate with your partner about it.

Health issues women face : The Bottom Line

You should always focus on what you can control. Worrying won’t help, but a healthy lifestyle would definitely prevent problems. Therefore, ask your doctor about your risks for disease and find out how to add healthy years to your life. We have an excellent article on 10 self-care habits of happy women. We hope you find the article beneficial for yourself.


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