Watch Out For These 8 Cancer Causing Habits

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Contributed by – Preksha Buttan

We are guessing that you already know a few tips to avoid cancer. You must be avoiding smoking or you must be washing your fruits nicely to get rid of the pesticides. But you might not know that there are a lot of other habits that can cause you serious health issues down the road. So, watch out for these 8 cancer causing habits that we all engage in at some point in our lives.


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Forgetting Sunscreen

Skin experts always stress the importance of sunscreen. The benefit of it ranges from protection against harmful UV rays of the sun to prevention from premature ageing of the skin. Most people think that sunscreen in only useful when there is sun exposure. But the truth is if you want to stay safe against a wide range of skin cancers, you should apply it year-round and even on days when you are indoors.


High Sugar Levels

Apparently, sugar is needed by our body to provide us with energy. But as we all know, too much of anything can be harmful. Similarly, high sugar levels in the body can make a preferable environment inside the body for various types of cancer cells to proliferate. In addition, high sugar levels are also a leading cause of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Although, you do not have to avoid sugar completely as intake of it once in a while is OK. But watch out for anything with added sugar.


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Avoiding Medical Screenings

Regular medical screenings can help you to identify your potential risks in advance. With early identification, early treatment can be started which will increase your chances of recovery. Your doctor will inform you what all tests are necessary. Regular medical screenings are also important because a lot of cancers along with various other diseases do not show any signs and symptoms in its early stage. With appropriate tests, all of them can be detected.


Inactive Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle is linked with higher chances of various types of cancer. We all spend most of our time sitting in the office chair, driving and binge-watching our favourite TV shows. Not only is this lifestyle making us gain weight but is also making us prone to colon, endometrial and lung cancer. So, to avoid falling for them, change your lifestyle. Initially start with moderate physical activity like walking for 30 minutes a day. Or you can go for any kind of workout routine according to your liking. Then gradually increase your intensity and duration of the workout as per your comfort.


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Excessive Drinking

Drinking is also associated with cancer. It can increase your risk of mouth, throat, liver, breast and few other types of cancer. However, one to two drinks per day will do no harm. But make sure that you do not overindulge yourself in it. The more you will drink, the higher your chances of cancer will be.


Reusing Plastic Bottles

Plastic water bottles are easily available and reusing them is cost-effective. However, plastic containers can contaminate the liquid with potentially harmful chemicals. Switching to steel, glass or ceramic bottles is a better option. This switch will help you avoid cancer and is also environment-friendly as you will be reducing your plastic waste.


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Skipping Dental Checkups

Oral hygiene is important for a healthy you. Not only it keeps the dental problems away but it also prevents cancer. Gum diseases are associated with a wide range of cancers including lung, colorectal and mouth cancer. Timely appointments with your doctor will help you in timely identification and treatment of any kind of troubles. So, stop ignoring your oral health and start taking care of your mouth.


Poor Diet

Diet is everything. A balanced diet can help you to stay fit and fine for a longer time. Stop munching on chips now and follow a proper diet. Make a diet plan which includes a good mix of all kinds of vegetables and fruits. A lot of them have antioxidant properties that prevent cancer. Switch your snacks with salads and sandwiches. Switch cold drinks with juices. You will only thank yourself for these efforts a few years later.


Cancer is a nightmare. But oftentimes, we only invite it due to our careless habits. Now is the time that you watch out for these 8 cancer causing habits that can easily be corrected.


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