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Why Should You Exercise Daily?

Know the health benefits of exercise

Contributed by- Dr. Dhrity Vats

The answer to this  question is obvious, exercising daily is the best way to be healthy. Exercise is good for you, this an established fact. We all know that physical workout plays a major role in keeping us fit. Still we try getting out of it with an endless pile of excuses and promises of starting tomorrow.

All that is needed is a commitment of utilising atleast 45 minutes daily towards workout. It can seem difficult in the start and staying regular with your exercise regime can seem impossible.  But, all you need to remember is that  your body deserves better, start working towards it.  Knowing exactly about the good effects exercise has on our health will motivate you to stay regular and exercise daily.

Let us together read and get inspired to workout.

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are many. Physical workout is not just good for physical health but also mental wellness. The choice for exercise are many like strength training, running, aerobics, pilates, yoga, walking, jogging, gym, swimming, dance etc. The important ways in which exercise adds health are:

Boosts Muscles And Bone Health

Exercises makes your bone stronger. Exercising helps in achieving the correct posture and reduce the chances of back problems. All our muscles are attached to the joints and exercise makes them stronger.

Did you know that stronger muscles burns more calories?

When the muscles move they release cells called OSTEOBLASTS, which are small bone building cells which help regain the lost bone component in the body. Improper production of osteoblasts makes bone weaker and lead to several problems. So, the more weight bearing activity you do, stronger your bones and muscles will be. Bones tend to eventually lose their density and become more susceptible to injuries and deficiencies like osteoporosis with time. But, staying physically active can protect you from such damage.

Understand the importance of exercise


Helps With Weight Loss

The major motivation behind exercise is gaining the optimum healthy weight. But, maintaining a healthy weight takes a lot of effort and perseverance. Most of us struggle with weight problems, the solution is to start working out. Regular exercise enhances the digestive process which helps with weight loss. Exercise also makes us breathe faster and utilise more oxygen. It helps burn the stored fat and shed those unwanted kilos. Small changes like opting for stairs instead of elevators, going for walks, staying physically active throughout the day, getting involved in physical chores.

Makes You Feel Happier

Exercise releases hormones which boosts the mood and makes you feel relaxed. The feeling of accomplishment after the workout regime makes you feel more confident and happier about yourself. Exercise induces changes in the brain that helps reduce stress and anxiety. It changes the chemical levels in the body, the brain releases endorphins (happy hormones). This is the reason why people advice to go for a walk or run when depressed. Staying physically active is the way to a happier you.

Prevents Diseases

Exercise increases the cardio vascular activity which also helps in building stamina. The oxygen intake capacity also increases which gives us more strength to tackle daily activities. Regular exercise helps prevent and manage diseases like heart problems, diabetes, hypercholesteremia, high blood pressure, metabolic syndromes and arthritis. Daily workout saves you from various chronic and lifestyle disorders.

Know the importance of exercise


Enhances Sleep

Exercising regularly helps you sleep better. The physical burnout during exercise causes energy depletion which stimulates the need to of the body to rejuvenate. It can be inferred that exercise helps you stay energetic throughout the day and sleep peacefully at night.

Promotes Better Sex Life

Working out also boosts your the sex drive in both sexes. Several, studies have shown that regular exercise means improved performance and pleasure in bed. Exercise helps with better levels of sexual desire, function and performance. Exercise can also help in dealing with the problem of erectile dysfunction.

So, stop making excuses and buck up to embark on the journey of a healthier you.


Healthy You Is Happy You

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