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Maintaining a healthy weight is not an easy process and requires consistency along with hard work. It becomes even more difficult to attain the weight loss goals during the winter months as the cold weather negatively influences the process in many ways, such as:

  • Makes you lethargic
  • Reduced water intake
  • Increased cravings for processed foods 
  • Vitamin D and serotonin deficiency due to limited sunlight exposure

One of the best ways to shed those extra kilos and watch your waist is by modifying the weight loss strategy according to the weather.

If you feel like the cold weather is stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals, these five must-do neat tricks can help you achieve and maintain the weight suitable for your well-being.

Drink lukewarm water

The water intake level is commonly neglected during the winter months which can lead to dehydration. This condition may increase your hunger pangs while decreasing the fat burning capacity of the body. 

Opting for lukewarm water during the cold season can provide several benefits that include, boosting blood circulation by breaking down the fat deposits as well as maintaining a healthy body temperature. 

Start your day with a cup of lukewarm water mixed with lemon and honey to aid weight loss and detoxification. Aim for drinking at least two to three litres (or eight glasses) of water every day.

Experts also recommend that one way to achieve the recommended water intake is to keep sipping water frequently, thought-out the day.

Workout? Switch from outdoors to indoors

The cold winter mornings can increase the cravings for staying inside a cosy blanket and sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea.

For this, most people may tend to sacrifice their health and fitness goals either by missing the workouts or by reducing the duration. 

Going to the gym or for a walk during the winter months is something that many people don’t do, and it may even harm those who have weak immunity. The best alternative is to bring your workout routine indoors. 

Yoga, jumping rope, stair workout, pilates, and bodyweight training are some of the best indoor workouts that can aid in maintaining a healthy weight while promoting your overall well-being during winters.

Reduce sweet and carb intake

The winter season is a carnival for foodies, bringing along with it a host of amazing delicacies, such as gajar ka halwa, soups, etc. Now, you might think why are we mentioning lip-smacking foods in a weight loss article?

That’s because not all of them are bad for you. But the ones that are, are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, which you need to watch out for.

Also, the cold season may even increase the cravings for carb-rich foods due to low serotonin and vitamin D levels. 

Increased laziness during winters can make you order meals online or have processed foods such as cup noodles. These grounds can easily influence your weight loss goals and throw you off track. 

Opt for including vitamin D and serotonin rich foods such as ladies’ fingers, mushrooms, dairy, eggs and nuts into your diet.

Also, increase the intake of healthy carbs-rich foods like quinoa, cauliflower and sweet potatoes.

Step out into the sun

The winter blues not only affect your mood but can also influence your eating habits. When feeling low, you may want to consume comfort foods that are generally unhealthy and loaded with fats.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to step out for a while and indulge in activities that can cheer you up.

Along with this, try having foods that uplift your mood, such as bananas, berries, oats, and nuts.

Aim for small meals

Having three large meals does keep you healthy, but the gap between the meals can make you feel hungry and increase your willingness to eat junk foods. 

Replace this habit with small meals to stay fuller for a longer time and try not to skip any meals.  Try your hands at whole and nutritional foods as gap fillers, but keep the intake moderated, so you don’t end up skipping the next meal. 

Final thoughts

Don’t let the cold season interfere with your weight loss goals. Stay healthy throughout the season by including the above-mentioned five must-do neat tricks in your lifestyle. 

Besides making healthy lifestyle changes, don’t forget to opt for preventive health checkups. These health checks can provide an overall insight into your health, allowing you to take precautionary measures and live a healthy life. 

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