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Double chin, the bleak fold of skin under the chin, creates an unattractive facial profile. Many opt for extreme steps to eliminate it because of aesthetic reasons. But very few are aware, that a double chin is also an indicator of few health issues.

Also called submental fat, this roll of fatty skin situated below the chin generally gives the appearance of having two chins. Though generally visible in overweight people, the occurrence of a sudden double chin, irrespective of body weight, is an indicator of various health problems. These health problems can lead to puffiness or swelling under the jaw, giving the appearance of a double chin.

All about double chin

Is A Health Problem Causing Your Double Chin?

Suddenly when a person develops a double chin, he/she wonders why they have got one. Most people consider double chin solely as a cosmetic problem, totally ignorant of the associated medical conditions. Listed here are 5 health conditions that may be the reason behind your sudden double chin.

Thyroid Trouble

All of us are aware that sudden weight gain is a common indicator of Hypothyroidism, but few are aware that double chin is also caused by thyroid. When the skin present below the jaw bone begins to sag and fills up with fat, then there can be a development of double chin, caused by thyroid. Usually, when the lymphatic system gets raided with bacteria, it gets processed and expelled by the liver. But with an underactive thyroid, this process is not possible leading to the swelling of lymph glands, which causes the neck to swell.

Sinus Infection

Chronic sinusitis causes swelling of the lymph nodes. This generally gives the face and neck a puffy look resulting in the appearance of a double chin. This is mostly due to allergic rhinitis, asthma, nasal abnormalities, or repeat episodes of acute sinusitis.

Kidney Infections

One of the common symptoms of acute nephritis is swollen face. Kidney problem results from the body’s immune reaction to illnesses like Hepatitis B or C, lupus nephritis, or even viral diseases like mumps or measles. This leads to inflammation and swelling of the kidney’s glomeruli, the capillary network responsible for blood filtration.

Swelling in the Neck

Swelling in the neck gives the appearance of a double chin. Swelling can be caused due to an injury, inflammation, infection, or a benign/malignant tumour. Identifying a swelling in the neck area is important to diagnose some serious underlying disease like:

  • Lymph nodes
  • Tuberculosis
  • Mumps


Salivary Gland Infection

Salivary glands can get infected leading to a swollen face and jaw area; giving the appearance of a double chin. Swelling is specifically bad in the region below the floor of your mouth. The common causes of salivary gland infection are oral hygiene problems, salivary duct stones, and inadequate water levels in the body, chronic illness, and smoking.

What does double chin say about your health?

Others Causes Of Double Chin


If any of the family members have a double chin, then this increases the likelihood of a person having a genetic double chin. Genetics can affect the body’s fat storage and water retention rate, resulting in a double chin.


A double chin can also be caused by the aging process. It is a natural phenomenon for the skin to loosen up and facial muscles to lose gradually with age.


Excess weight or being overweight is one of the most common contributing factors for double chin.

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin?

To get rid of your double chin, begin by taking care of its root cause. Know your medical history and get the related test to rule out the above mentioned medical conditions. This is because double chin could be a symptom of a more deep-seated health condition, one that can be treated by knowing its cause. Then begins the process of lifestyle changes like balanced diet and regular exercising.

If you wish not to just look good, but feel good internally, watch your double chin!


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