If you wake up in a rush, prepare coffee, take a bath and skip breakfast to reach work on time, you’re doing something wrong. And in case you suffer from high blood pressure, you’re making it worse – not only for your mental health and physical wellbeing. 

Controlling your blood pressure levels can be a challenge but totally doable if you’re following your medications and making some lifestyle changes at the same time. 

Let’s face it, mornings are the best time to change your life for the better. After all, a new morning, a new opportunity. So, let’s make the best of our mornings and step towards a healthier future that starts with controlling high blood pressure levels. 

Avoid coffee

We get it, you may be a coffee person. Mornings may be hard to go by if you do not get your morning dose of coffee. Coffee addiction is real, but just so you know drinking caffeine may not be in your best interest if you have high blood pressure. 

Caffeine can increase your blood pressure levels. The exact research is still ongoing but it is believed that caffeine can affect the hormone that widens your arteries. Alternatively, caffeine may also promote the release of adrenaline which can affect your blood pressure. 

Sipping 2-4 mugs of coffee can increase blood pressure by about 8mm Hg systolic and 6 mm Hg diastolic (i.e., the bottom number). 

Do not skip breakfast 

Does the morning rush make you skip your breakfast? If yes, it may not be a healthy habit (and not a good thing in case you’re trying to cut calories). Your morning meal decides your energy levels, performance, mood and productivity for the day. Skipping it can not only affect these metrics but also take a toll on your blood pressure. As per research, skipping breakfast has been associated with hypertension. 

Additionally, what to eat is also as crucial as when to eat. Your breakfast content also matters. You must limit salt to prevent making hypertension worse. Salt is linked with high blood pressure. Hence, having a salty breakfast can spike your blood pressure levels. Aim to have fruits along with regular breakfast. Fruits are associated with lower blood pressure levels. 

Skip sugar 

Yes, we said it – sugar is the enemy if you have high blood pressure levels. Sugar can have an impact on the pathways associated with the hormones, peptide endothelin and aldosterone. These hormones help regulate blood pressure. 

In addition to this, high blood sugar levels can also cause build-up in arteries leading to increased blood pressure. Beware of corn syrups, cornflakes, waffles and fruit juices that contain added sugar. 

Meditate in the morning even if it is for 10 minutes 

Just so you know, there is a better and healthier option than scrolling your phone before you get out of bed. Meditating for just 10 minutes can have a significant impact on your mental health, blood pressure and overall health. 

Meditation can help you deal with stress that can have a negative effect on your blood pressure levels and overall health. Meditation offers you the time to relax and be mindful.

Moreover, meditation facilitates your body to produce more nitric oxide, which can widen your blood vessels, ultimately lowering blood pressure. 

Take some time for exercise or a morning walk 

Walking is the healthiest exercise ever. Physical activity promotes better functioning of the body. As walking is a great cardiovascular activity, it makes your heart stronger by supplying more oxygen and maintaining ideal blood pressure levels. 

Lastly, get your blood pressure checked 

You cannot assume your blood pressure to be healthy if you are following these lifestyle modifications; you need a blood pressure test to know for sure. Monitoring blood pressure levels doesn’t go without regular checkups. So ensure that you do the same while following these lifestyle modifications to genuinely control high blood pressure levels. 

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