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Most people find it hard to enjoy their weight loss journey. This is because following a weight loss strategy usually entails lowering food consumption and cutting back dramatically on preferred foods and beverages.

One of the toughest parts of any diet regimen is fighting back against cravings for sweet, sugary foods.

Sounds difficult?

It doesn’t have to be that way if you have the correct weight loss training partner – fruits. 

Yes, some of the most well-researched diets and eating plans recommend fruits to reduce that adamant belly fat and shed a few pounds. 

On top of it, they can help supply all of the necessary nutrients crucial for good health, increase your metabolic rate, and satisfy your sweet need. 

You have a wide range of fruits to choose from, but some fruits are the most weight loss-friendly fruits.

Learn more about which fruits to integrate into your eating plan that can help you shed those unnecessary kilos.


We all have heard the familiar expression that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

But did you know that an apple a day keeps excess pounds at bay, too?

Yes, apples are the perfect fruit for people looking to lose weight. Apples are low in calories (a medium-sized apple is 72 calories) and high in fibre, which means you’ll be satisfied enough to avoid binges throughout the day.

Studies also show that eating this fruit as a whole is better than having juice, even if the juice is freshly squeezed on the spot.

The consumption of whole fruit helps reduce hunger and curbs unhealthy cravings.

If you don’t wish to have the entire fruit, you can add a few slices as topping to your favourite salad, or to your oatmeal bowl.


In addition to being the healthiest foods to eat on the planet, berries can also help improve overall health by decreasing cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure and lowering inflammation in the body. 

Additionally, berries – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and blackberries – all make great weight-loss fruit options.

All berries boast lots of nutrients and antioxidants while being low on calories. And since they’re loaded with fibre, they are helpful to help you feel fuller for longer.

This nutritious and tasty food decreases your cravings for other less healthy sweet foods.

Being one of the best food items for detoxification, berries can be enjoyed with salads and yoghurts, or can simply be munched on for nutritious evening snacks.


Being pleasantly tangy in taste, oranges are enriched with vitamin C and fibre and have a low amount of calories, making them one of the best fruits for weight loss.

Like most citrus fruits, this juicy fruit, when eaten whole are loaded with nutrients.

Many health advocates advise eating orange slices than consuming orange juice.

That’s because opting for the whole fruit helps control hunger which in turn restricts calorie intake, resulting in weight loss.


With a number of weight loss properties, bananas can be really helpful in shedding weight and getting back in shape.

Although they are high in calories as compared to the other fruits, bananas have a low to the medium glycemic index, which helps control insulin levels and regulate weight.

They also have a high concentration of nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, fibre, antioxidants, and vitamins A, B6 and C, making it a superfood among weight loss fruits.

Opt for a banana over an energy bar for an energy boost and an ideal post-workout snack.

You can simply peel the skin and make a healthy, delicious smoothie for your post-workout sessions.


This single-seeded buttery fruit is arguably one of only a few perfect foods to lose weight.

Sure avocados are rich in fats, but that shouldn’t discourage you from including them in your weight loss diet.

Various studies have pointed out that despite being high in fats and calories, avocados can help you lose weight when eaten in moderation, and studies have backed this claim.

It has been found that the fats found in this fruit are healthy and highly beneficial for you.

Avocado’s weight loss benefits are attributed to the fruit’s ability to quell hunger pangs by making you feel fuller for longer.

Add them to your diet to let the delicious weight loss begin!

Final thoughts

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the weight-loss information available.

The strongest evidence to date shows that when it comes to weight loss, a good start would be to follow a nutritious diet and a balanced lifestyle.

Fruits are an essential part of your diet to stay fit and healthy, and they can be the ideal addition to your weight loss diet.

Most fruits are high in fibre, low in calories, and packed with essential nutrients that fire up your metabolism and help you lose weight the smart way.

Also, by opting for regular health screenings, you can stay on top of your health condition and take preventive measures in the event that you are likely to get hit by an illness.

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