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India is a reserve of diverse food, culture and languages. Indian cuisine is a combination of regional and traditional gastronomies which are deliciously different from each other. The varieties of cuisines depending on the climate, culture, ethnic groups, and occupations of a particular place. 

A substantial part of any Indian food is its spices, ghee, herbs and fruits and vegetables. It is estimated that India has more than 2,000 dishes and 31 types of cuisines.

Many Indian recipes are prepared from scratch, using ingredients that are almost identical to their natural forms, and with the application of well-chosen spices and cooking methods. All of this results in distinct tastes and textures in each dish.

Having such a wide variety fills your mind with endless options, but to have a good and healthy dish at the same time is a jackpot. 

Here are some of the best and tastiest yet healthy Indian dishes you should definitely have. 


Poha is a common Indian morning meal prepared from flattened, flaking rice. 

Poha is prepared by mixing tempered spice-mixed onions and peanuts with a pinch of salt and a dash of coriander. 

You can also squeeze a lemon, in the end, to make it a bit tangy. These ingredients contribute to the dish’s nutritional value by delivering calcium, iron, fibre, and protein, which may help you feel fuller for longer.


Chilla is a scrumptious snack meal. You can have it with Indian pickles, sour cream, or plain yoghurt. Chillas taste just as nice on their own as they do when spiced up and topped with chopped cucumber and tomatoes.

However, sprouted mung beans can also be used to make chillas, which are often made with chickpea flour (besan). Mung beans include several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have proven to prevent illnesses like diabetes, in addition to being a strong source of plant-based protein. 


The healthiest Indian meal you can have is made of pulses, beans, and legumes. They are not only nutrient-rich but also high in protein. Since vegans and vegetarians cannot consume animal protein, thus, legumes and lentils are excellent sources of protein for them. 

They aid in the body’s general growth and are also vitamin-rich. Pulses are a great meal choice for diabetics and aid with digestion as well. A tasty dal with ghee drizzled over it can easily be prepared with much less effort.

Vegetable curry 

It is well known that vegetable curries are tasty and fulfilling. Without sacrificing flavour, you can prepare an incredibly nutritious Indian vegetable curry. Your vegetable curry can be tasty and nourishing by adopting healthy cooking techniques, such as using less oil and substituting yoghurt for heavy cream. 

People in India like savouring delicious vegetable curries with chapati or rice. Vegetable curry makes use of spices and aromatics to provide a lovely appearance and aroma. 

Masala bhindi 

A delicious Indian side dish is masala bhindi. Okra, also known as “bhindi” in Hindi, is the main component.

Served with roti or naan, it is prepared in a hot tomato-based sauce with onions and chillies.

Dietary fibre is abundant in okra and is linked to improved blood sugar regulation. Particularly for those with diabetes, consuming meals high in fibre is a great diabetes management strategy. 

In summer, okra is clubbed with “aamras” (mango shake) which is a great summer dinner time combination popular in just about every Indian household. 

Tandoori chicken 

Tandori chicken is one of the most delicious and popular non-vegetarian north Indian dishes. The best thing about preparing tandoori chicken is that it needs only a little amount of butter and ghee for greasing. 


When we think about South Indian cuisine dishes, idli comes out on top. It is a time-saving dish that is prepared with fermented rice and steamed after that. 

Idli is low in carbohydrates and is quite nutritious. It is a common dish in south India and is simple to digest. The best way to eat it is with coconut chutney and sambar for a delightful breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


Gujarat is the home of the well-known Indian culinary dish, dhoklas. This dish must be included in our list of the healthiest Indian foods for a variety of reasons. Steamed dhoklas are popular because they are low in calories and high in fibre. 

It is a wholesome, delicious Indian food that is suitable for one’s dieting and weight reduction. The fact that it tastes great and has a lovely texture is the best part.

Final thoughts 

India is a nation rich in culture, food and history. Indian food is popular around the globe because of its unique taste, preparation techniques, spices, and variety.  

Here we have mentioned a few of the best and the most popular healthy Indian dishes you can try. These dishes are not only tasty but also rich in nutrition which can also help you in your weight loss journey. 

These eclectic dishes are definitely mouth-watering, easy to make and full of nutrients. However, on an off chance, you might be allergic to some of the ingredients or might have a yet undiagnosed condition that can get exacerbated,  by any one of the ingredients. 

Hence, you should opt for frequent preventive health checkups to keep an eye on your overall health, so as to enjoy these delicacies and avoid the ones that might be detrimental to your well-being.

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