Let’s say you are blessed with a fast metabolism. You eat a good share of processed foods but don’t put on weight. It has been the same for you for years. But now you often find yourself sitting in a bar drinking beers. You feel good but you’re also noticing a little fat accumulation in your abdomen. Why now? Why are you developing belly fat? Is it something to do with frequent beer sessions?

Yes, maybe. Beer and belly fat are linked. So, it’s safe to say that the little bulge you’re forming on your abdomen is because of beers. But how?

Keep reading because this blog will tell you why. Along with it, it will offer you a few weight loss tips to get rid of beer belly fat.

The link between beer and belly fat

Up until now you must have blamed calorie surplus to be the only reason you develop fat around the midsection. There is no denying that it is the reason. But you must also know that when you drink alcohol, your body begins to burn alcohol when it should burn fat. In other words, your body will focus on breaking down alcohol to provide you energy before any stored fat.  So, the first thing it will process is alcohol, not fat.

Not to mention, excessive alcohol consumption may also reduce testosterone levels, which may lead to the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, also called visceral fat.  You can also blame the agents that are used in beer to give it flavour. This component is high in phytoestrogens which may imitate the action of estrogen, causing hormone changes that may make the body store fat, particularly in the belly. However, this needs more studies to reach a conclusive answer.

While there is a close association between belly fat and beer consumption, eating high-calorie food is the leading culprit. Think about the quantity of food you eat with beer, most of which is highly processed food like pizza, french fries and pakoras. It cannot also be undermined that alcohol can also make you hungry, hence you go for a larger portion size than you usually do. Even if you eat salted peanuts, they might be packaged and high in calories. A can of beer alone contains 150 calories. Now picture how many cans you drink in one sitting. Even if it is 3 cans, you will be gulping 450-500 calories in one sitting. Not to mention the calorie intake of food items you are eating with beer. If it’s 2 slices of pizza, assume 500 calories additionally; making a total of 1000 calories in one sitting. And don’t get us started on the other meals of the day.

While excessive consumption of beer can be fattening in both males and females, men may more likely develop beer belly fat. The reason is the difference in metabolism and hormones. Now this doesn’t apply to everyone, but women tend to store fat in their thighs, arms, buttocks and belly. However, men tend to store fat in their bellies alone.  But this changes with age, as women also begin to store fat in the midsection due to hormonal changes and activity levels associated with age.

So, how to reduce beer belly fat?

The answer to this remains the same as how to reduce belly fat in general. Calorie deficit is the key, which can be achieved with lifestyle changes like exercising and increasing NEAT. Other than that, here are a few weight loss tips you can swear by.

  • Opt for low-calorie beers. Once you choose it, watch your portion sizes – both for beers and the food you eat with it.
  • The best option is to scale back or quit. No beers, no additional calories. Prefer low-calorie food or protein over drinks. In case you’re struggling with addiction, seek professional help.
  • Exercise. Follow a dedicated exercise regimen. And increase NEAT in your lifestyle.

Closing thoughts

As it has been established here, while beer itself might not directly target belly fat, its calories can contribute to overall weight gain, including around your midsection. If you’re aiming for a healthy weight or a flatter stomach, consider limiting your beer intake and focusing on a balanced diet and regular exercise. Remember, moderation is key!

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