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The fine white grains of rice is everyone’s favourite. An absolute staple in all Indian homes, white rice has a given us a lot of delectable dishes. White rice is an inseparable companion to a long line of yummy dishes like rajma chawal, kadi chawal, biryani, pulao, fried rice. We can simply say that white rice has been a dear part of all our palate and a constant on all our plates.

But, the sad news is that white rice is not that healthy. Infact, as per the scientific studies white rice increases the risk of diabetes. This is the reason why diabetics are advised against the consumption of  white rice. It might be hard to get over the fact that your beloved white rice is actually bad for your health and can lead to diabetes in the long run.

Before coming to any conclusion let us first discuss about white rice and how is it bad for health. A lot of factors determine the answer, it is best to explore all bout white rice and.

Is White Rice Bad For Health?

Know the harmful affects of white rice

Most of us fall prey this dilemma. It is time to settle for appropriate answer to make informed and healthy choices about our diet. White rice is considered as the unhealthy cousin of brown rice. Processed in nature white rice undoubtedly lacks in a lot of nutrients, a lot of people consider white rice as a source of empty carbs.

The fiber content in white rice is also much lower as compared to its alternatives which takes white rice longer to digest. Several studies have also shown that people who regularly consume white rice are at a higher risk developing various health conditions like:

All these conditions harbour the risk of various unwanted health disorders like heart problems, diabetes and stroke. The higher starch content in white rice also makes it a bad choice for diabetics.

How Does White Rice Increase The Risk Of Diabetes?

Know the risk of having white rice on health

Studies have proved that consumption of a plate full of rice on a daily basis increases the risk of developing diabetes by over 11%. The high glycaemic  index of rice makes is a major culprit behind spike in sugar levels. The high carbohydrate content in the white rice breaks down or converts into blood glucose in the bloodstream which needs insulin for utilization. This puts extra pressure on the pancreas to produce insulin and overtime burden makes the organ weak and increases the chances of developing diabetes.

Did you know that a bowl of white rice has almost the  same amount of carbohydrate as two cans of soft drinks? It is sure a matter of concern. Diabetes is the most common health disorders which also leads to a large number of deaths, blindness, kidney failures and amputations worldwide. So, it is safe to say that diabetes is  a major health threat today. Proper and healthy choices can help us avoid or manage healthy blood sugar levels. Diet is a major factor and making smart dietary choices  is key to diabetes management.

What Are The Healthier Alternatives To White Rice?

White rice raises your blood sugar levels

White rice is bad for health and regular intake of white rice raises the risk of diabetes. But, does it mean that one should not eat white rice at all? Well, the answer lies in moderation. Seldom consumption of white rice in moderation does not pose nay health threats, one can continue to savour the amazing white rice recipes if eaten occasionally. Some healthy tip and ways to consume rice are mentioned below:

  • Longer grain rice are less harmful than the smaller grains. Basmati rice is a better option as it has lower glycaemic rate as compared to other types of white rice
  • A proper diabetic meals should include a balance of vitamins, proteins, complex carbs, minerals and the essential fats. Thus, it advised to add vegetables to the rice and not have it alone
  • It is suggested to remove starch from the rice while cooking and have it with protein rich foods. The right way to cook white rice that is more health friendly is by adding rice and thrice the quantity of water. Let the water boil on medium flame for around five minutes, once the rice boils it releases white, creamy and foamy starch. Allow the rice to get soft and then drain the starchy water from the rice and you have your healthier version of white rice
  • Brown rice is a much healthier alternative for white rice as it has high fiber content. Infact, brown rice is part of the recommended diabetes diet, having brown rice with vegetables is a healthier way to enjoy rice
  • It is not necessary to replace the white rice with brown rice but add portions of brown rice with it. Replacing 205 of white rice with brown reduces the risk of diabetes by almost 16%. Adding portion of brown rice to regular white rice is a healthier bargain

Proper management and informed dietary choices will help in better management of diabetes. Enjoy your rice the right and healthy way.

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