Does your morning schedule include a cold shower, sipping coffee, and having a delicious breakfast but irregular bowel movements? Constipation can be a real inconvenience. You may feel bloated, you may feel heavy and you may also feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, it isn’t healthy for your body. Bowel movements are a natural part of your body’s functions, if it isn’t going smoothly, it may cause other diseases too.

But don’t worry as relieving constipation may not always involve you swallowing those bitter pills. Sometimes all it takes is some lifestyle adjustments to see a change. 

Keep reading the blog to know all about the changes you would want to make to your lifestyle.

Welcome exercise into your lifestyle 

When it comes to exercising, you can shoot not two, but more birds with a stone. What we mean to say is exercising can be a game-changer for your overall well-being. It can relieve constipation as well. Just so you know regular muscle movement is crucial for regular bowel function, and this is where exercise comes in. 

However, with a sedentary lifestyle which may make the diaphragm and abdominal wall muscles weak, bowel movements can become challenging. Lack of physical activity affects the natural contractions of the intestinal walls for the worse. Health experts recommend adding physical activity to your routine to promote bowel movements


Here’s a friendly reminder, you are made of water. What we mean to say is that the human body is 60% water (45-75% to be precise). So, if you are going to keep it thirsty, bad things are going to happen, and that includes constipation. 

Dehydration can make constipation worse by making the stool dry, ultimately making it hard to go through the intestinal walls. So, here’s your takeaway that you keep yourself hydrated. In case that doesn’t work, feel free to add a slice of lemon to make the task easy. 

Inadequate consumption of fibre 

If you’re suffering from constipation, chances are high that you are not eating enough fibre. You must note that fibre is an essential component that promotes smooth bowel movements. Insoluble fibre that is undigested by the body, increases bulk and supports an easy passage through the intestinal walls. 

So, if you haven’t added enough fibre to your diet, it’s time you do. Include food items like fruits, grains and nuts in your plate. These food items are rich in fibre and can help with constipation. 

Keep a fixed sleeping schedule 

Are you a night owl who gets little sleep? If yes, it’s still not something you should be doing. Little do you realise, inadequate sleep can do more harm than good. For starters, it can ruin your bowel movements. 

As per research, a short sleep can result in inadequate bowel rest, bowel muscle fatigue, and ultimately decreased and infrequent bowel movement,

In addition, try to stick to a fixed sleeping schedule. Sleeping and waking up at different intervals can disrupt the circadian rhythm, which may affect metabolism, and ultimately your bowel movements. 

Ensure that you sleep on time and have at least 8 hours of sleep every day. 

Change medications if possible

Sometimes, the culprit can be right in front of you, hiding away in a box of medicines. Having said that, some medications can cause constipation. Certain medicines such as sedatives, diuretics, antispasmodics and others can cause constipation. If you are taking these medicines, it’s best if you talk to your doctor and go for some other alternatives. 

Do some yoga poses 

We don’t know about others, but yoga certainly is a well-wisher in disguise. Turns out that apart from offering numerous benefits, it can also help relieve constipation. That said, a few yoga poses massage your digestive organs, increase the blood flow and promote oxygen delivery. This supports peristalsis and encourages the stools’ movement. 

Here are a few yoga poses to try.

  • Supine twist 
  • Matyasana twist
  • Wind-relieving pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Crescent twist 

Closing thoughts 

Whether it is to change your life, improve your health or relieve constipation, some lifestyle changes can do wonders. Feel free to make these lifestyle adjustments and witness the change for yourself. 

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