Let’s accept that even though getting braces can be quite painful and inconvenient, it is the most effective treatment when it comes to straightening your teeth. If you have gapped, crooked or protruding teeth, there is one solution – metal braces. 

When we say that braces can be a little inconvenient, we do not mean a hundred dental appointments and the pain, we simply mean taking care of teeth. Well, it’s one thing to take care of your teeth when you don’t have braces, it’s another when you have. 

So, how do you maintain oral health, take care of your teeth and ultimately braces? There may be a lot of questions in your mind and this blog is here to help. 

So, let’s get started, shall we? This blog will offer you all the tips you need, to take care of your teeth with metal braces on. 

You must brush your teeth after meals, but a little gently 

Brushing your teeth after meals has always been the protocol, hasn’t it? But if for some reason you didn’t follow the protocol, now is the time to follow it. It is now more crucial than ever. 

Now that you have braces on, you must know that food particles can easily get trapped between metal wires, causing cavities and deteriorating oral health. This is why brushing your teeth after meals is crucial. 

While you are at it, we suggest you change your toothbrush. Opt for a smaller one. The bristles of a small-size toothbrush can easily reach all the sections, in between metal braces as well. Also, ensure that you are a bit gentle so that the braces don’t break. 

As for the toothpaste and mouthwash, it is recommended that you use gentle ones. Most of the products available in the market contain harsh chemicals that may end up discolouring the metal material. It’s best if you go for brands recommended by your orthodontist. 

Floss at least once a day

Flossing is essential to remove the build-up of plaque below the gumline. This reduces the likeliness of cavities, soreness and redness of gums. 

Ensure that you are flossing at least once a day. Use the type recommended by your orthodontist. 

Here’s how to floss: 

  • Use floss thread or picks 
  • Use a long section to clean the back teeth.  
  • Move your fingers to put the floss between your teeth or under the wires
  • Don’t pull on the floss when it is underneath a wire
  • Focus on getting rid of the food debris from the gum to prevent gingivitis
  • Rinse your mouth after flossing to eliminate the loose debris

Be mindful of your diet 

Sadly, you cannot eat anything you want when you are wearing braces. You have to limit certain types of food to ensure your braces don’t get affected and your gum health remains good. 

  • Nuts – they can break your braces.
  • Candies, toffees and chocolates– they can get stuck in the metal wires.
  • Raw fruits such as apples and pears when consumed whole – they can break your braces. 
  • Peanut butter – it is sticky and can get stuck to your gum.
  • Popcorn – can lead to breakage of braces.
  • Ice – can make your teeth sensitive. Ice usually requires force to break down, increasing the likeliness of breakage of braces. 

Mealtime tips to follow: 

If you’re looking for food options that are easier to eat when you wear braces, go for food items that can be eaten with forks and spoons. Try to avoid those that require you to bite directly. 

How to treat soreness after the installation of braces 

Soreness is a common occurrence after the installation of braces. Cold foods such as ice cream, frozen yogurt and cold water can be taken to relieve the soreness. 

Closing thoughts 

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene becomes even more crucial when you have braces. Diligently following your orthodontist’s instructions, including regular dental check-ups and cleanings, can help ensure a successful and comfortable orthodontic journey. Remember to brush and floss meticulously, avoid certain foods that can damage braces, and be mindful of your overall oral health. Taking care of your teeth during this period is an investment in your future oral well-being, so embrace the responsibility with enthusiasm and commitment.

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