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As all of us are ready to make a slow and steady return to a semi-normal life, the measures we take for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones need to be taken very seriously.  These measures are all the more necessary if you’re a diabetes patient. Your immune system is already in a compromised state which makes you vulnerable to severe complications if you happen to contract the virus. So, now as you plan to resume the activities that have been off-limits during the lockdown, you need to be aware and cautious because the virus is hasn’t gone yet.

Here we look at a few measures you should take care of being a diabetes patient while you resume your life in a world where the Coronavirus is a grim reality.


Monitor your blood sugar levels frequently

As a diabetic, you must monitor your blood sugar levels frequently. It provides you a real time picture of the effects that food, stress, medicines or activity levels have on your sugar levels. It keeps you in the know of your sugar level in order to take measures on time to prevent any complications.

However, as time goes by, people tend to forget to keep a track of sugar levels. Now is not the time to be forgetful and careless about that. With already compromised immunity, you are vulnerable to severe complications of coronavirus. Thus, be mindful and regularly monitor your blood sugar levels as your doctor has advised you.


Keep a stock of your medicines

You should always have a backup of your essential medicines especially in times like these. Although pharmacies and medical stores were already functioning and other outlets will also be back in business in the coming months, it’s never a good idea to wait till your last leaf of medicine is over. So, make sure you have a backup of all your medicines along with testing equipment like needles, insulin pumps and pens.


Maintain good hygiene 

If nothing else, COVID-19 has taught us the importance of good hygiene and how to reduce the spread of germs. It is something that we should continue to follow religiously post lockdown as well. You definitely wouldn’t want to put yourself at risk by going out and about without wearing a mask or by casually running your hands on any surfaces. You wouldn’t want to do it, especially when you are a diabetes patient. So, wear a mask without fail when you step out of the house, don’t hug or shake hands with people you see, don’t touch surfaces, keep a sanitizer with you at all times and use it frequently, wash your hands immediately after you come back, if possible, change your clothes and take a bath as well. and follow all the guidelines laid out by the government.


Continue to follow all the social distancing rules

If you have decided to slowly move out of self-isolation then also you are required to follow all the social distancing rules because social distancing has become one of the key measures to control the spread of the virus. By simply maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters from all those around you, you can significantly reduce the spread of the virus. In view of this fact, the government has closed all such places and has put a hold on all such events where a large number of people usually gather. So, for your own good, continue to follow these instructions and contribute to the wellbeing of the people around you.


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Keep medical records handy and be in touch with your doctor

In case of emergency when you notice your blood sugar levels going out of control or when your medicines fail to do their job, contact your doctor immediately. In view of the social distancing norms, most doctors have a teleconsultation option available either through a phone or video call. Do remember to keep all your medical records handy for quick reference.


Plan your sick day in advance

Needless to say, whenever you feel sick you should stay at home. If you are a diabetes patient, you should always have a sick day planned in advance. Your doctor will help you with that. With the help of this plan, you will know exactly what you should do to bring your condition under control and prevent any complications. If you don’t have a sick day planned already, get in touch with your doctor now.


Eat healthy and workout consistently

Lockdown or no lockdown, a healthy lifestyle plays a huge role in the management of diabetes. And a major part of a healthy lifestyle is a balanced diet and regular workout. So, make sure that your diet includes a mix of all the necessary nutrients. Add more and more fiber-rich foods to your diet as it helps in keeping glycemic index into consideration. Along with a healthy diet, make a routine where you do a workout regularly. Try exercising at home until gyms and parks are safe to go.

Life as a chronically ill person is difficult and in times when an infectious disease poses new challenges it is tougher to manage your life. However, there are always ways to make life easier, being prepared is key to leading a happier life.


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