Word travels fast. Hence, there’s a lot of misinformation out there that spreads from word of mouth. One such topic that draws a lot of misconceptions and myths is oral sex.

Oral sex involves the stimulation of sexual organs through the mouth. Please note that oral sex is not just an act of pleasure, it may not be penetration sex but it can make you more susceptible to infections. So, if you think oral sex is the safest form of sex, you’re mistaken.

Not just this, we will be busting more such myths in this blog. Keep reading.

Myth #1: You can get pregnant through oral sex

Mind you, oral sex doesn’t involve the two reproductive organs coming in contact with each other. In order to be pregnant, the sperm needs to reach the egg for fertilisation. For that to happen, it needs to get into the vagina to reach the uterus.

This doesn’t happen in oral sex. When a person swallows semen, it is present in the mouth and travels through the digestive system, as does any food item. This passage does not offer a way to the reproductive organ, making pregnancy impossible.

Pregnancy is only possible if the semen and the vaginal area come in contact accidentally or indirectly. This includes instances wherein the partner makes contact with the vagina if they have semen in their mouth or hands.

Myth #2: Oral sex doesn’t get you orgasm

It is widely believed that only anal or vaginal sex can make someone have an orgasm. But orgasm is possible to be achieved through oral sex as well. Even though it is believed to be an act of foreplay, it can arouse both partners and lead to orgasm.

Myth #3: Oral sex is the safest form of sex

The definition of the word, “safe” here can be subjective. If you interpret “safe” in terms of pregnancy, then yes, oral sex is safe. However, if you relate the word with infections, oral sex can be unsafe as it does involve the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). The body fluids do get exchanged during oral sex, risking the spread of STDs including HIV, Syphilis, and Herpes, to name a few. It’s best to wear protection even if you’re having oral sex.

Myth #4: You don’t need condoms for oral sex

As mentioned above, you still need protection when you’re indulging in oral sex. The purpose of wearing condoms is not just to avoid pregnancies but also infections. You’re at risk of catching STDs from your partner and other infections if you are not using condoms.

Myth #5: You should brush your teeth before and after oral sex

One’s first instinct may be to get cleaned before or after having oral sex. But you may be surprised to find that brushing your teeth may make things worse. Brushing or flossing can make your breath smell better, but it can form microscopic tears in your mouth, making bacteria transmission easier.

It’s best to wear condoms or dental dams to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and diseases. To ensure proper hygiene, it is suggested that you wash your genitals with a mild soap. Health experts recommend simply rinsing your mouth with water after having oral sex.

Myth #6: Pineapple juice will make it better

It is a common belief that pineapple juice can make oral sex better. Even though there is no denying that the body fluids are affected by your lifestyle and diet, pineapple juice doesn’t make the list. 

It is suggested that you take a balanced diet and stay hydrated to make it less pungent.

Myth #7: Oral sex affects your virginity

The individuals’ reproductive organs must come in contact for a person to lose their virginity. This only happens in penetration sex. Even though oral sex is regarded as “sex”, it still cannot make you lose your virginity.

Closing thoughts

Summing up, oral sex may not get you pregnant but can risk exposure to STIs and other infections. There have been a plethora of myths surrounding oral sex which we attempted to bust. Remember, sex education is an important aspect of sexual health. So, stay informed, and do not fall prey to misconceptions that affect your sexual health.

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