If you use social media, you must have come across posts that emphasise the importance of protein. But most of those posts must have been from those who follow a dedicated fitness routine. And if you are not into a fitness routine, you must think that you don’t need to up your protein intake. 

But what if we tell you whether or not you are following a fitness routine, protein is essential. To make it even more convincing, protein is vital if you want flawless skin. Yes, you read that right. Truth be told, protein is more effective than the thousand cosmetic products you spend your money on.

How nutritiously we fuel our body reflects on the skin. So, if you have dull skin after trying a number of cosmetic products, just know the problem is within. Protein can be the problem-solver you are looking for. 

 So, if having youthful flawless skin is what you desire, you must read this blog. 

The significant role of protein in skin health 

To put it simply, your skin requires collagen to look healthy and plump. Collagen is vital for thickening and keeping your skin clear. Collagen also provides structure to your skin tissue. 

But when you age, collagen levels start decreasing, making the skin less elastic. This is when wrinkles become more pronounced. Protein is rich in amino acids that are essential for the production of collagen in the body. A diet rich in protein can increase collagen levels, to keep the skin smooth and clear. 

Our body requires 21 various types of amino acids to function correctly. Some of these amino acids are not produced by the body, so a diet rich in amino acids is important. 

Let’s discuss the benefits in detail 

Offers structural support

Consider protein as a repairing agent which offers structural support, strength and sheen to the skin. Even though collagen and elastin create the framework of the skin, they are also responsible for keeping the skin firm and healthy. This is where protein comes in to boost collagen production and make your skin have a youthful glow.

Prevents flaky and dry skin 

Lack of moisture is the most common cause of dry and flaky skin. Moisturisers can help, but a protein diet can treat dry skin from within. Protein can help your skin regain moisture, resulting in smooth and glowing skin. 

Helps repair skin 

The skin repairs itself from time to time. Protein helps in the repair of skin as it increases the cell turnover, i.e. shedding skin cells and replacing them with new cells. A rapid healing process paves the way for radiant and glowing skin. 

Protein works like the building and binding block of the skin

Collagen must not be a word you have heard for the first time. It’s the talk of the town, given that it is a part of most beauty products’ commercials. Nevertheless, you must note that it is the collagen that binds skin cells together. This type of protein connects the long amino acid chains, keeping the skin cells together. Hence, the skin needs to remain smooth. A diet rich in protein can help in the binding process, to make smooth, glowing and radiant skin a reality. 

Shields against free radicals 

Starting this pointer with the basics, free radicals are atoms that become unstable and destroy the cells, causing ageing and health issues. Hence, free radical damage can easily be your worst skincare nightmare as it can break down collagen, resulting in dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin. Proteins play an important role in guarding the skin from radical damage. Hence, if you want your skin to remain youthful as ever, you must consider adding an adequate amount of protein to your diet. 

Closing thoughts 

So, now you have it – why you should be adding protein to your diet if you wish to have flawless, clear and youthful skin. Aim to eat at least 1.2 gms of protein per kilo of your weight daily. . You don’t need to resort to a non-vegetarian diet, a vegetarian diet can also meet your protein requirement for the day. Just add these food options to your diet. 

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