The scenario: It’s barely 2:00 pm, yet a wave of exhaustion washes over you. Your to-do list remains stubbornly unfulfilled, and the mental clarity needed to tackle those tasks seems a distant memory. Deadlines are tight, and the pressure to push through intensifies. The solution that may readily present itself? A refreshing energy drink – after all, it’s your usual companion during periods of low energy or creative fatigue.

However, a crucial truth deserves consideration: the frequent consumption of energy drinks can pose significant health risks, and in extreme cases, even prove fatal. This blog will focus on the potential health detriments associated with regular energy drink consumption.

First things first, why are they harmful?

Caffeine is known for stimulating alertness in the body and increasing concentration and focus. Now you may have heard the latter herbal ingredients to be beneficial. There is no denying that they are, but when they are combined with caffeine and sugar, they’re a slow poison when consumed regularly.

Energy drinks pack a punch of caffeine, promising a jolt of alertness and focus.  While some ingredients, like the amino acid taurine and herbal extracts such as ginseng and guarana, boast potential benefits, the picture gets dangerous when they’re all combined with high levels of caffeine and sugar.

Regular consumption of these beverages can be a catalyst for health issues. The synergistic effect of these ingredients can have negative health consequences, potentially acting like a slow poison on your body.

The health risks of energy drinks

It is a major threat to heart health

Excessive consumption of energy drinks is linked with heart diseases, most common among them all are cardiac arrests and heart failure. The culprit is the combination of ingredients. First things first, energy drinks contain an excess amount of caffeine, even more than what a cup of coffee has. Caffeine, single-handedly is known to cause anxiety and abnormal heart rhythms. Excess dosage, combined with other ingredients can cause high blood pressure and heart arrhythmias, which are often linked to heart attacks.

As far as reports are concerned, energy drinks have been the cause of heart problems that required hospital visits. And we are not just talking about a number below hundred, but thousands every year. Energy drinks have also been shown to reduce significant blood markers of healthy blood vessel functioning, and deteriorating heart health.

Studies have linked excessive consumption of energy drinks to serious heart problems. Individuals who reported such issues often admitted to consuming more than three drinks in a single sitting, while others reported daily consumption of one energy drink.  Additionally, energy drinks can be psychologically addictive. They create a dependence where you believe the beverage is necessary for focus and performance, leading to anxiety about functioning without it.

Additionally, energy drinks may also cause stroke. A stroke is a heart attack in the brain that can be fatal. A condition called RCVS, Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome is the culprit for triggering strokes. It involves sudden spams of blood vessels that restrict the supply of blood.

A high content of caffeine, combined with other ingredients can amplify the neurological and physical effects that can cause stroke and heart diseases triggered by high heart rate and blood pressure.

Say a BIG NO to mixing energy drinks and alcohol

As established here, the regular and excess consumption of energy drinks is detrimental. But mixing energy drinks and alcohol is a call for medical emergencies and even death. It is one of the most deadly combinations you can have.

The stimulating effects of the energy drink can disguise the intoxicating effects of alcohol, so you wouldn’t be able to understand how drunk you’re getting. In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect which can cause dehydration, worsening the damage.

Say No to medicines and energy drinks

Mixing medicines and energy drinks is also a bad idea. The ingredients in an energy drink don’t go well with certain salts in the medicines. The combination can either reduce or amplify the effect of medications, making them dangerous.

Closing thoughts: What is the alternative?

We know excess of anything can be detrimental, including energy drinks. While moderate and occasional consumption of energy drinks is not a cause of concern, regular and excess consumption is. If you find yourself dependent on energy drinks and believe you cannot function without them, consider having alternatives instead. These include green tea, black tea, coconut water, coffee and taking a short walk.

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