Are you somebody who requires a sugary delight whenever you are having a bad or good day? Do you think it’s all you need to lift your spirits on a bad day and a must-have when you feel like celebrating a good day? 

If not that, you may be someone who feels the need to have something sweet to make your lunch and dinners complete. Does all that sound familiar?

 If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, the allure of chocolates, cookies, doughnuts, barfi, gajar ka halwa, and cakes is hard to resist—they’re a tempting delight. The thought of having them every day might even cross your mind because, let’s face it, sweets equal happiness, don’t they?

That’s the mantra we often repeat to ourselves to justify our indulgences. Deep down, however, we’re aware that excessive sugar isn’t the best for our health. You might argue that your sugar intake is moderate, but sometimes, your expanding waistline may disagree. Your body sends signals, subtle hints that you’re consuming more sugar than it needs. It’s essential to trust these signs rather than convincing yourself otherwise.

So, what are these signs? Keep reading the blog to uncover the subtle messages your body might be sending you about your sugar intake.

You’re struggling to lose weight

Are you struggling to lose weight? If yes, those cookies and barfi may be the culprit. We know that you must be in a calorie deficit if you want to lose weight. But let’s just say you’re in a calorie deficit even after consuming extra sugar but still putting on weight, you must understand what you’re doing wrong is consuming added sugar. 

Just so you know, your body is already getting the right amount of sugar, natural sugar from fruits and vegetables. But when you consume processed food, you’re consuming additional amounts of sugar that your body doesn’t need. 

And when that happens, your body switches to “fat-storing mode.”, instead of “fat-burning mode”. Consequently, you develop fat, specifically, in the abdomen, which is the most stubborn to get rid of. 

Your cravings won’t go

Do you find yourself craving junk food, particularly sugary food, all day long? If yes, your body has become dependent on sugar. 

Yes, sugar addiction is a thing. And it is more serious and common than you think. It may be worse than cocaine. You must understand that the sugar hits your taste buds first. Taste Buds have direct connections to the addiction centres present in the brain. Consequently, it is no less than any other addiction that is bad for you. The more sugar you take, the more you crave it. 

You have skin issues

Does acne prevent you from having a clean and clear skin? It may not be your hormones, cosmetic products or pollution that is causing acne. The real culprit may be sugar. 

When your blood sugar spikes due to excessive sugar intake, it causes inflammation in your body. These sugar spikes also increase the production of sebum, an oily substance in your skin. Both inflammation and excess sebum can cause acne. 

If you happen to have a lot of acne on your skin, try cutting down on sugar to see a significant difference. 

You have digestive issues 

Suffering from bloating or constipation? Sugar may be one of the factors to blame. Processed sugar can cause digestive distress because your body cannot process it efficiently when consumed in excess. 

Even though processed sugar moves through your intestines unchanged, once it reaches the large intestine, gut bacteria begin to feed on it during fermentation. It can cause a build-up of gas, leading to cramping, bloating, and pain.

You are moody 

Do you happen to find yourself depressed and cranky most of the time without a good reason? You have excess sugar to thank. 

High-sugar foods are processed or broken down into glucose for energy. Your body releases insulin to remove glucose from the blood to transport it into the cells. But excess sugar, or insulin overload cuts down the amount of glucose in the blood quickly, causing your body to release cortisol, adrenaline, and other hormones to compensate.

Once adrenaline is released, it sends a signal to produce more glucose to increase your energy levels. The fluctuation can cause mood swings. 

You may consider this contradictory given the fact that sugar may help improve your mood. But this is just the addiction speaking, making you feel better when in reality it is doing more harm than good. 

Closing thoughts 

So now that you know all these signs, do you think you are consuming excess sugar? If you recognise these signs, consider it to be a friendly nudge to cut back a bit. Checking food labels, making smarter choices, and trying out some tasty alternatives can make a real difference. It’s not about saying goodbye to sugar altogether but finding that sweet spot where you and your body feel good. So, listen to what your body’s telling you, make some small changes, and enjoy the benefits of a more balanced and energised lifestyle!

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