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Having an appropriate amount of nutrition is very important, and for a pregnant woman, it is imperative to focus on a good healthy diet.

In the phase of pregnancy, whatever nutrients a woman consumes also help in the growth and development of a baby. 

During pregnancy, one of the first things, you may notice as your body grows and adjusts to changes in your appetite.

Food cravings and aversions are quite frequent during pregnancy.

Hormonal changes increased nutritional demands, and sensory alterations are all prevalent ideas for hunger fluctuations, during pregnancy. 

It is always a good idea to have healthy snacking options during pregnancy to have fun and health together.

Here we have provided you with the best healthy snack options for all the moms-to-be.

Greek yoghurt

Protein, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B12 are all included in a Greek yoghurt parfait with fruit, which will aid your baby’s growth and development. Vitamin C, folate, and manganese are all added by the berries. 

Additional toppings, such as chia seeds, vanilla essence, or maple syrup, can be added for taste and texture.

Eggs on English muffin

It is necessary for a pregnant woman to have a sufficient amount of vitamin D for balancing the calcium levels in the body.

Egg yolks are rich in vitamins D, A, E and K1. You can easily prepare eggs with English muffins.

You need to simply scramble an egg and have it with a perfectly toasted English muffin. 

It is a highly nutritious and delicious snack for a pregnant woman which is packed with health benefits and fancy tastes.

Homemade trail mix

You should definitely try trail mix if you love savoury and sweet recipes. This is one of the best options when it comes to beating small hunger.

The finest mixtures for you and your baby should have salt-free nuts and sugar-free dried natural products. 

Nuts and dried natural fruits both contain fibre, which provides adequate energy and nutrition. 

This could be your bedtime or midnight snack. 

There is evidence that dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and contains heart-protecting cocoa flavanols. magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, and phosphorus are also found in small amounts.

You should include almonds in your diet if you don’t consume dairy products often.

An ounce of almonds contains 76 mg of calcium, 1 mg of iron, and 3.5 g of fibre. And the fat they contain is almost all heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. You can eat them whole, or top yoghurt, oatmeal, and salads with them.


When you don’t feel like eating vegetables, fruit, or high-fibre carbohydrates, then, pregnancy smoothies are an easy and convenient way to incorporate these nutrients into your diet.

You can take yoghurt or milk and mix your favourite juice into it.

Next, you can add nuts and almonds to it to make it more yummy and unique. Cocoa powder can also be added to give it a chocolaty taste.

Granola & protein bars

Granola bars are a convenient, no-refrigeration snack.

To keep you going through snack cravings in the afternoon, they are loaded with whole grains, fibre, and complex carbohydrates.

All granola bars aren’t equal. Make sure the bar has less than 10 grams of sugar and at least 3 grams of fibre per serving.

During pregnancy, protein bars are safe to eat, and their convenient style is ideal for those who live busy lives, especially pregnant women who may be feeling low on energy and experiencing unexpected symptoms.

Final thoughts

It is very important for a pregnant woman to consume a nutrition-filled diet and should avoid extra calories.

If you make smart choices in the type of snacks you eat then it is going to make you and your baby healthy and strong at the same time.

Here are some of the best healthy snack ideas that a pregnant lady can try.

The easy and simple snacks will make your pregnancy journey smooth and can help you fulfil your nutritional needs and ensure your baby will grow and develop normally.

Also, you should timely visit your doctor or dietician to get a consultation about your diet and how it is affecting you and the child.

As an add-on, make a habit of taking preventive health checkups as they can help you in getting a complete insight into your health.

This will also help you with taking measures to promote your overall well-being. 

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