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Facial puffiness isn’t a cause for concern beyond the fact that it might make you feel self-conscious.

It is typically caused by excess fluid retention that results in inflamed skin and a bloated appearance. 

While there are a few health conditions, such as seasonal allergies, thyroid disease or sinusitis that might be the root cause, for most people, there could be other reasons for looking a bit more bloating in the face than usual.

Temporary puffiness can stem from a number of causes such as gorging on a high-sodium diet, early wake-up calls, hot showers, excess alcohol consumption, crying, and lack of sleep.

Some factors — such as genetic tendencies and PMS — are unavoidable and beyond your control when attempting to shed weight in your face. 

However, there could be another potential cause why your face appears plumper than it is.

If you’re waking up with a puffy face on a regular basis, it could be due to something other than a high-sodium meal.

It could indicate that you have dietary sensitivities, such as gluten and lactose intolerance, which can cause bloating, inflammation, and even hormone disruption. So if you’re looking to nip facial swelling in the bud, look to make changes to your diet. 

Here are the foods to avoid and the foods to eat that’ll bring down the bloat.

Foods you should focus on avoiding

There are many foods that can cause actually help reduce the occurrence of bloating and water retention, all of which can show up in your face. 

  • A simple general rule is to avoid as much processed and packaged food as possible. Often processed foods are packed with ingredients — such as added sodium, refined carbohydrates and sugars, and trans fats — that could cause weight gain, water retention, and inflammation. 
  • You should also limit your sodium intake. It is an established medical fact that when you regularly consume foods high in salt, your body attempts to compensate by holding water in specific regions. One of this water retention could be in your face, resulting in that uncomfortable puffiness. Opt for healthy salt substitutes such as rock salt, low sodium salt without sacrificing the flavour of your favourite foods.
  • If you’re looking to reduce puffiness, it is best to steer clear of highly refined carbs. If your diet is too carb-laden, you can expect to see bags under the eyes, and swelling concentrated mostly on the chin.
  • Additionally, alcohol has a dehydrating and inflammatory effect which can give your face a puffy appearance. If you’ve been drinking more than your fair share of red wine, it’ll likely show up in your face. Alcohol intake – particularly in excessive amounts – has also been linked to weight gain, which can lead to a fuller face.

Foods you should focus on eating

  • Your mother advised you to eat your greens, and she was correct. While it really isn’t possible to target weight loss in your face, you can reduce overall water retention by consuming a diet rich in green vegetables— tomatoes, carrots, avocado, cucumbers, leafy greens lessen— all reduce puffiness and bloating, almost on the same day.
  • Up your intake of fruits, especially those that supply potassium (bananas, avocado, spinach), magnesium (leafy greens, nuts and seeds, beans), and vitamin B6 (chickpeas, sweet potato, banana).
  • Drink a lot of water so that your tissue fluids are more balanced and puffiness decreases.
  • Reduce your three-cup-a-day habit of coffee to one daily brew, and you’ll reduce those chubby cheeks in no time
  • Round out your diet with whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, and lean proteins, which provide the necessary fibre, healthy fats, and energy to help you get a lean face.
  • Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to give your skin a hydrated appearance.
  • Fresh pressed green juices are great for reducing facial fat. Fresh fruits and veggies not only improve the body’s metabolism but at the same time keep you hydrated naturally. They can also give your body a burst of easy-to-digest nutrients, which is super-hydrating and anecdotally shows up as radiance in your face.

Final thoughts

You will be astonished to see that just tweaking your diet can help you achieve that desired look.

It is important to be aware of all of the foods that create a puffy face and make the necessary dietary modifications.

Striking a balance between gratifying your taste buds and being cognizant of the impact on the rest of your body can help you get that chiselled and slim face.

Moreover, you should also frequently opt for preventive health screening. It provides you with vital insights into your health, allowing you to take necessary measures to improve it.

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