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Melatonin is a unique hormone that is necessary for restful sleep. Also known as the “darkness hormone,” it functions with the rhythms of the sun.

That is, more melatonin is produced when the sun sets and less melatonin is produced when the sun rises. Among several functions, melatonin plays a key role in aiding the timing of our circadian rhythm (24-hour internal clock). 

Despite the fact that most people create enough melatonin for their daily needs, research indicates that adding foods high in melatonin can improve sleep.

There are various foods that serve as excellent natural sources of melatonin.

According to available research, these foods are good sources of melatonin and consuming them can be an alternative to prescription sleep aids.

While the scientific study on the amount of melatonin present in specific foods is still limited, there are a few foods that are known to be particularly high in hormones.

This blog highlights foods that are reported to be high in melatonin.


These edible fungi are packed with a plethora of nutrients that are known to deliver umpteen sleep benefits.

All varieties of mushrooms are good sources of melatonin as well as tryptophan, which can provide several important nutrients that promote sleep.


The high melatonin concentration in corn could help you sleep at night.

This preferred staple has 9.6 mcg per 100g, which can help regulate your sleep cycle and improve sleep quality.


Cherries are among the richest fruits in melatonin. Research suggests that cherries have the potential to improve sleep quality, usually attributed to their melatonin-supporting nutrients.


Packed with B vitamins, fibre, and a number of essential minerals, whole oats are highly nutritious.

According to studies, each cup of oats also contains a good amount of melatonin and a whopping 94mg of tryptophan.


Grapes are known to be a rich source of melatonin, with the concentration level of melatonin varying depending upon the grapes’ variety, the climate, and the growing conditions. Among all the varieties, red grapes are believed to be the best source of melatonin.


Fish has a higher source of melatonin in comparison to all other kinds of meats. Oily fish such as sardines and salmons are the best sources of melatonin among others.


Eggs are one of the most versatile sources of protein and contain all the important amino acids.

They are also packed with other essential nutrients including vitamin D, riboflavin, folate, and selenium.

Rich in tryptophan and melatonin, eggs can also help support sleep.


Warm milk has long been taken as a relaxing bedtime beverage as it serves as a soothing sedative and triggers sleep.

This is due to the fact that milk is packed with two sleep-supportive compounds, namely tryptophan and melatonin.

The amino acid, tryptophan boasts the concentration levels of serotonin and melatonin hormone in the body, thereby promoting sleep.


Rice contains a rich quantity of melatonin as well as tryptophan. The high carbohydrate content of rice also helps in improving sleep.

Consuming rice not only helps your body produce sleep-aiding hormones but also reduces oxidative stress.


Pistachios are a perfect pre-bed snack that is the richest in melatonin. They contain a higher quantity of melatonin in comparison to other nuts like cashews and almonds.

In addition to melatonin, pistachios also contain antioxidants, vitamin E, fibre, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which make it a highly nutritious snack.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes increase melatonin production and significantly increase the melatonin concentration in the blood which helps our brain send signals to the rest of our body that it’s time for sleep.

Final thoughts

Consuming melatonin from the aforesaid food has been found to be an effective option for improving sleep.

Moreover, you should also frequently opt for health screening. It provides you with vital insights into your health, allowing you to take necessary measures to improve it.

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