10 self-care habits of happy women

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Contributed by Abshar Faheem


What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘self-care? Does it come across as selfish, self-indulgent, limited to one with time and money to spare or someone who thinks about oneself only? 


Self-care means identifying and meeting your own needs, something most women struggle with. Women feel obligated to be the caretakers. Most women do so much for others but they do not put themselves first. They tend to always ignore themselves and do not take care of themselves as they do for others. Women who are generally happy and content in life tend to practice great habits that help them achieve and maintain a good life. Because if you do not give importance to pursuing self-care habits, your body will let you know by giving you warning signals.

Here are some self-care tips that every woman should try and adopt to be able to add more meaning to their life:

1. Have some water in the morning 


Drinking water in the morning makes you hydrated all day long. It normalizes blood pressure and flushes bacteria from your bladder. It stabilizes the heartbeat and regulates the body temperature. Women have to carry out multiple tasks in a day so a well-hydrated body helps in enhancing the overall physical performance. If they do not drink enough water, they face some warning signs like weakness, low blood pressure, and their bodies begin to lose energy.


2. Spend some time to exercise 


Exercising is one of the most essential parts of any woman’s life. Women are so occupied with their work from morning to evening that they don’t spare some time for physical exercise. Physical exercise gives the right posture and flexibility to their bodies. Women’s bodies change with time and to have a lean body structure remains a dream. After becoming a mother, may experience weight gain that physical exercise helps in managing. Exercise helps the body become energetic and strong. 


3. Learn to say ‘No’


Sometimes some women tend to always agree with things that do not benefit her. She has to learn to say no when things are not according to her wishes. She should not be hurting herself for the sake of others happiness. Women sacrifice a lot when it comes to their choices. Sometimes, they have to do things that they do not want to commit. So she should be mindful of her right and decision-making authority to say ‘no’ to things that are not in her favour. 


4. Learn to reward yourself 


Women’s lives are usually occupied by household work. Even in some places in India, their morning starts from the kitchen, and by evening, they remain in the kitchen. Women should learn gifting her food whenever she completes a task. She should make a list of tasks to be achieved when she achieves it, give yourself a reward like eating the favorite dish, giving you a massage, and gifting yourself new stuff. 


5. Spend some time alone


Spending time alone gives you personal space and peace of mind. A woman deserves some personal space where she just can feel herself. A break from hustle and bustle from life is essential to remain productive all day long. Spending time alone allows her to understand what she feels and wants. 


6. Eat healthy food


Eating healthy food makes your body energetic and healthy. It prevents you from diseases. What you eat or drink is influenced by where you live, the type of food available in your community, your preferences, budget, background, and your culture. Choose carefully the type of food you eat because it affects your overall health. Be mindful of the nutrients and vitamins that you intake through the food you eat. Choosing a nutritious diet is the best thing you can do for your well-being. 


7. Upgrade your life 


Doing the same thing, again and again, becomes boring and retarded. Even though, when a woman wants to do something great, she always faces barriers and challenges. But to upgrade yourself, new goals and techniques should be planned and achieved. New skillsets and short-term goals will help to upgrade women from old retarded life. 


8. Expand your network


Talking to new people is always amazing. In our society, most women are expected to live within four walls but with time, more and more women are playing a major role in various sectors of the economy. Expanding networks helps in knowing other people, opening minds to new ideas, motivates women to make their own decision. A large network helps women to support and uplift each other.  


9. Let negativity go


Negativity stops us from going ahead in our life. Our society has also made an assumption that women were not made for education and professional life. But with time, women have made a mark in every possible career you can imagine and contribute to various sectors of the economy.  Women can fall prey to Negative thinking due to multiple factors, but constant negativity can destroy their mental health, leaving them depressed and anxious. Women should practice thinking positively as that can improve mental wellbeing, minimize stress and even lead to better cardiovascular health. 


10. Spend some time with gratitude


Appreciate everything in your life no matter how small or big it is. Find gratitude in your challenges as well. Feeling gratitude in only positive is not enough, but one should also feel gratitude for the negative things and challenges in their lives because it gives them the strength to tolerate the mishappenings in life. Sit down daily and remember five to ten things you are grateful for. It will help you to practice mindfulness. You can also keep a journal of your blessings which will make you grateful even in difficult times.


The Bottom Line

It’s time to change yourself. Live for yourself and your dreams. We have an excellent article  “>women health: it’s time to change our approach. We hope you have a blissful life ahead.  


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