Contributed by-Dr. Snehal Singh

Do you often ignore minor pains and headaches as nothing? Well you are not alone, most of us are guilty of taking our health for granted. Not every pain or headache means something serious but some frequent or persistent signs might indicate that everything is not okay.

All of us are so busy with our lives, making plans for our future. But, what about our health? We often forget to take care of health.

Our health cannot take a backseat, it is absolutely necessary to invest in ourselves today and regular health checkups are a huge part of it. Several signs might be our body’s cry for help that everything is not okay, regular health checkups helps us in diagnosing the problem in time and staying a step ahead of the health problems.


Preventive Health Checkups- A Very Important Step

Preventive health checks are important for screening diseases, early detection and for monitoring existing medical conditions, it not only ensures good health and timely treatment but also prevents complications. Regular health checks also makes us aware of the much needed lifestyle changes and promotes better health management.

Ideally, an annual health check is recommended for all depending on the age, type of work, health status and overall health risks. In fact, there are many subtle signs that might indicate some health issues, instead of ignoring it is always wiser to give ourselves the attention that we deserve, health should always be a priority.

Here are 10 signs that need your prompt attention and a proper health checkup:


Change In Appetite

Changes in appetite is a big concern, especially when one cannot relate it to any recent illness or viral fever. Sudden and unexplained increase or decrease in appetite can point towards various health issues that need thorough evaluation. Changes in appetite which do not improve might be an indicator of some serious health problem and needs immediate diagnosis, it is important to go for a health check-up immediately in such a case.


Frequent Cough, Headache Or Fevers

All of us suffer headaches every now and then but frequent headaches and cold are not normal. Seasonal cold and fever are not a matter of grave concern, in some cases fever and cold can be due to allergies or infections. But regular or persistent headaches might be due to many reasons, to know the exact cause a complete health check-up is highly advised. Although really common these problems might not seem serious but always remember that prevention is better then cure.


Change In Sleeping Pattern

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be emphasized enough, sleep is an indicator of good health. It you are not sleeping well, your health may be compromised. Also, too much sleep or constant feeling of exhaustion needs attention. Any changes in the regular sleeping patterns can be due to several health problems, it is always better to stay aware of one’s health status.


Achy Or Stiff Joints

Frequent joint pains and stiffness is not a trivial matter, they can be due to various bone and muscle problems, injury or arthritis. It may also indicate towards other health conditions like infections, thyroid or tissue disorders. Such joint pains can in a lot of cases lead to serious long term problems if not taken seriously on time. Therefore it is best to pay attention rather than ignoring the problem.


 Sudden Change In Weight

Weight loss is not always a good news, especially sudden and unexplained weight loss can mean something serious. Our weight speaks a lot about our health, any sudden, unusual changes in the weight is a matter of worry and should be paid heed. Weight is directly related to the metabolic system which can be affected due to several ailments like thyroid problems, infections, cancers etc. Incase of sudden changes it is a smart idea to get yourself checked immediately.


Vision Problems Or Eye Symptoms

Eyes are really delicate and need constant care and attention. Several conditions like cataract, glaucoma may go unnoticed and can further cause complications; similarly diabetes, high blood pressure too can affect the eyes, if not detected timely. Eyes are such a wonderful gift and one of the major senses, taking care of eyes should be an absolute priority. Changes in vision, visual disturbances or any eye symptoms like redness, itching, pain, blood clots, etc. can be signs of serious problem and must be evaluated on time.


Constant Tiredness And Lethargy

Unusual and constant fatigue not just means that you are tired, but in several cases can be associated with several health conditions like nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, autoimmune disorders or even heart disorders. Thus a feeling of constant exhaustion, lack of energy, fatigue should not be ignored, going for a health checkup gives the clear and correct status of one’s health.


Skin problems

Yes, it is true skin problems are also an indicator of serious health issues.

Skin covers a huge area and is incharge of eliminating toxins from the body. Extreme, frequent and sudden skin problems can say a lot about the health condition, all that is needed is paying heed to the skin problems. Skin tells us the story, what is going inside our body a lot of times it could be allergies, infections or some other problem. The most common symptoms like redness, patches or bumps on the skin, irritating and  itchy skin or oversensitive skin  may indicate that a good check-up is needed.


Changes In Bowels Movements

Bowel movements are believed to be a reflection of your health. Clear bowel movements helps in maintaining good health. Frequent bowel problems like constipation, loose motions, painful evacuation or bloating accompanied with the feeling of discomfort, frequent digestive problems simply indicate that it is time go for a preventive health checkup.


 Problems With Urination

Just like bowel, passing urine is one of the basic but most important indicator of health. Any pain, burning or discomfort related to urination can be a cause of concern, frequent visits to the bathroom can be an indicator of increased blood sugar levels. If you note changes in your urine colour, dark yellow or red urine, reduced or increased frequency or changes in the amount of urine passed, you must get a health check done.

A full body check-up generally includes necessary tests to detect and assess the risk of the common medical ailments. It is best to have regular medical check-ups as a part of your health lifestyle. So get a full body health check-up done now and ensure good health.

Start treating your body with the respect that it deserves, take care of your health and make regular health checkups a part of your health plan.


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