Contributed by – Dr. Snehal Singh 

Not everybody experiences them but for some of us allergies are the annoyingly harsh reality. Are you one of them?

Allergies are most often associated with food, pollen, seasons or medications. But did you know that one can develop allergies to all kinds of weird things? Get ready to be amazed as a lot of things can trigger allergies and act as allergens, all you need to do is stay aware and deal with them accordingly.

The list below includes really weird and surprising revelations, let us read to know about them.


Water –  Stay Dry, Stay Safe

Water is the very essence of our survival, none of us can live without it. As weird as it sounds allergy from water is a reality.

Some people may be allergic to water and experience aquagenic urticaria. Aquagenic urticaria is a condition in which any contact of the skin with water or even tears in some cases can cause skin rashes or hives. Although still unexplained and really rare the condition of water allergy affects people. In most cases the rashes or hives usually go away in 15-20 minutes.


Sun- Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Can one really be allergic to sun? Allergy from sun sounds really unreal but it is actually true.

Some people have skin rashes after being over exposed to sun. But for some people the truth is really different, they might have skin irritation even with the slightest exposure to sunlight which mainly includes skin rashes with redness, itching and burning sensation. Staying indoors, resisting sun exposure, applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothes, using your umbrellas, hats and sunglasses are some of the ways to stay protected.


Cell phones –  Take A Break From Your Phones

This is not a smart trick to keep you away from your lovable phones but allergy from cellphones is actually and absolutely true.

Mainly caused because of skin contact with the metal body of the cellphones which triggers the allergic symptoms. Commonly used metals in our cellphones are nickel, chromium and cobalt which causes the allergic reaction and symptoms like skin and eye irritation combined with rashes on the face, ears and hands.


Leather – Opt For The Alternatives

Leather is superfun; let it be leather bags, shoes or belts. But sadly some of us are allergic to leather and are unable to enjoy the privileges of using amazing leather goodies.

Leather footwear, bags and belts can cause skin rashes and really bad skin irritation. The allergy might get triggered due to exposure to the chemicals used in leather tanning and the additives used to treat the material. Nowadays a lot of alternatives to leather products are also available in the market that look equally chic, trying them out will not only keep you safe but will also help in saving the animals.


Cold Or Hot  – Stay Protected

Are you one of those people who face problems if exposed to cold and hot temperatures? Well you are not alone, the cold and hot allergy is not that uncommon.

A lot of people can be allergic to cold or hot things and can face problems when exposed to extreme temperatures. People allergic to cold experience swollen feet and hands, hives, red skin, swelling and itching. People allergic to hot also experience very similar symptoms.


Jewellery – Accessories Can Cause Worries

Sounds really weird but jewelleries too can cause skin allergies.

Every one of us love dressing up and indulging in the fun of matching and mixing our outfits with quirky and fun trinkets and metal jewelleries. But not all of us share the same experience, a lot us are allergic to several metals used in the making of such jewelleries.

Jewellery allergy is actually a really common problem and is also a type of contact dermatitis. Allergy to jewellery is mostly due to allergy to the metal nickel used in making of gold or silver plated ornaments. Such allergies can cause painful skin irritation and itching.


Exercises – Sweat Can Be A Threat

All jokes and excuses apart exercise allergy is actually a truth. It is not a mere excuse to run away from exercises but a matter of concern for those who experience it.

Allergy to exercises can be due to sweating or cholinergic urticaria that causes itching of the skin after 30 to 40 minutes of intense exercises, due to irritation from sweat. People with exercise induced allergy also suffer angioedema or swelling with redness.


Tattoos – Think Before Getting Inked

Tattoos are not for the feeble hearted and those who have sensitive skins. Getting inked can have a lot of side effects, consider all the factors before opting for a tattoo.

People with really sensitive skins often experience allergic reactions to tattoos. It is not just the needle, the tattoo studio, the artist and the tattoo ink also plays a major part.  Allergies caused because of tattoos can result in skin irritation, rash and swelling around the tattoo.


Henna – Can Be Harmful

Festivals call for henna painting, it’s part of our celebrations and festivities. Henna is also commonly used a beauty product in hair dyes. But, did you know that it can be a potential allergen too?

Allergy to henna can cause skin irritation and even cause sneezing, running nose and itchy eyes in some. However, use of certain potentially dangerous chemicals in henna dyes can even cause serious allergic reactions like chest pains accompanied with tightness which needs immediate medical care.


Uncommon food allergy – Know Your Foods

Most foods like milk, fish or peanuts can cause food allergies. Some people may be allergic to fruits like apples, pears, mangoes or cashews, pistachios and nuts as well.

Allergy to dried and canned fruits is possible mainly due to the substances like sulphur dioxide used for preservation. Food allergies present with symptoms like swelling of mouth, lips, tongue, difficulty in swallowing, throat irritation, digestive troubles or skin rashes.


Diagnosis of Allergies

Diagnosis of allergies requires a proper health history and clinical examination of the person. Further blood tests may help to determine the allergic reaction and the type of allergy. Allergy tests and skin tests are advised to confirm the diagnosis.


Tips to Handle Allergies

Accurate diagnosis can help to identify the condition and plan appropriate treatment. The best way to handle allergies is to prevent the things that cause or worsen allergies. For example, if your skin is sensitive and allergic to sunlight, take precautions to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Use an umbrella, sun coat and even apply sunscreen as advised.

Avoiding allergic things like hair dyes, leather products, foods that you are allergic to etc. is only wise. Anti-allergic medicines can come to your rescue incase of an allergic episode. Hence, it is worth to know about your allergies with the right kind of diagnostic tests.

So, now that you are aware of some of the weird allergies, you surely would be more careful next time. If you think you too have allergies or suffer from symptoms of allergy, get tested now.


Know Your Allergies