Contributed By Harleen Kaur

When was the last time you used a skipping rope? Only a few of us may have a routine habit of skipping rope every day. 

To include jump rope cardio in your at-home workouts, you can restore the same level of enjoyment as you had in your childhood while playing outdoors. Using skipping ropes in your daily workout for cardio and physical activity, can also help you improve both your lower and upper body strength.

Skipping rope may help tone your calf muscles, strengthen your core, increase your stamina, and improve your lung capacity.

Before we begin our skipping routine, let’s look at the benefits & precautions of skipping rope if done regularly.

Rope jumping improves flexibility in the body.

Being flexible and agile are two advantages of skipping rope. As you jump, the muscles get significantly more relaxed and strengthened. Skipping rope is also one part of athletic training. It promotes the ability to move freely, which also boosts your strength, stamina, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Thus, it 

improves your overall well-being and keeps your body active. 

Helps you in weight loss 

While there are several ways to reduce weight, skipping rope is one of the most efficient ones. All of your body’s muscles are worked out while you skip rope. You burn more calories and lose more weight when you move your body more. It is advised that beginners should start with low-intensity skipping, and as they gain control and coordination, they can gradually increase the intensity later. 

When trying to lose weight keep the following things in mind.

  • You can reduce your overall body fat by skipping.
  • You can practise alone and try different levels of stimulation whenever you choose.
  • Skipping while eating balanced food and following a regular schedule will help your weight loss goals.

Improves heart health 

Excessive blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for coronary heart disease, and it can be reduced with exercise like skipping. It is also considered to be the best cardio exercise since it raises the heart rate which gradually decreases the risks of heart disease and stroke.

Keeps your mind healthy 

The key to skipping is creating a rhythm that your body subsequently follows. Your body and mind are completely in sync for the little period when you are skipping rope.

This mental and physical balance produces positive energy that can help with relieving stress and anxiety. Exercise with a skipping rope can also enhance memory and create an overall sense of well-being.

Enhanced balance

Jumping rope can be a good approach for improving balance, in addition to enhanced coordination. According to research, every time you skip a rope, your body needs to rebalance. Therefore coordination and balance go hand in hand when you do skipping.

Precautions you need to take while skipping rope 

Pay attention to the volume jump

From the ground, you shouldn’t jump very high. Jumping should only be done within 1/2 and 1 inch above the ground. It is also advised to maintain your legs straight and your knees slightly bent at all times while skipping the rope. 

It’s important to warm up

Under no circumstances you should skip your warm-up before you start skipping. In order to prepare for the following action, a warm-up helps to gradually boost your heart rate and blood flow. If you’re short on time, you might be tempted to skip a warmup and start working out right away. However, doing so could make you more likely to get injured and put extra stress on your muscles.

Don’t forget to stretch 

Studies have shown that stretching can help in increasing flexibility and consequently, the range of motion in your joints. By stretching, you may be able to boost your athletic performance and reduce your chance of injury.

Shoes are essential 

Choosing the right shoe can help prevent common injuries related to the type of exercise you perform. The perfect shoe for skipping should be flat with a rubber sole that will keep you from slipping and absorb part of the breathability and flexibility. Good shoes can reduce the force of your step and cushion the foot from getting injured. 

Final thoughts 

It is surprising to discover how effective skipping rope is as a cardio workout. Your heart rate is effectively increased while getting a full-body workout at a level that you choose. It’s also the most interesting and difficult way to build stamina.

By skipping, you can burn up to 10 calories per minute, or 600 calories in an hour.

However, it’s never a good idea to overdo it. Beginners should aim for short sessions of 20–30 seconds, followed by 20–30 seconds of rest, before repeating the cycle in sets of three. Despite the fact that skipping improves bone growth in the body, make sure you don’t already suffer any bone-related issues.

Furthermore, you should also undergo preventive health checkups. These health checkups give a complete report about your health, allowing you to take necessary precautionary measures to improve your well-being and keep a host of ailments at bay.

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