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7 Healthy Weekend Travel Tips

Tips to travel healthy

Contributed by- Dr. Snehal Singh 

Are you planning for a long weekend? That must be exciting! Travel, outing, and delicious food after long, what a relief! But what about your healthy lifestyle? Your health conscious routine? Well, you can have it all. Staying healthy while travelling is not a difficult task if you know the right way to do it. Some “healthy weekend tips” can help you stay fit, while you enjoy your long weekend.

With effective health tips for travel, you can thoroughly enjoy your weekend without any regrets. So here are some tips for staying on track over the weekend:


Plan ahead

Whenever possible, plan your long weekend so that you have enough time to prepare yourself for it. Check out the places that you can visit and do include physical activities, like treks, sports and park rides in your plan. Carry your sportswear, comfortable footwear, sports shoes and other accessories, as per the climate and your needs. If sometimes, you do not get much time to plan, then make sure you carry the most essentials items and the medicines that you routinely use.


Healthy eating travel tips

A long weekend is all about enjoying to the fullest and having tasty food is an integral part of it. Here are some healthy eating travel tips that can help you in keeping your weekend healthy yet enjoyable.

Eat Healthy

One of the most important things to follow is having a healthy breakfast that will keep you going strong throughout the day. Avoid skipping meals and have small meals while you are out for site seeing. Go light on dinner, while you begin to slow down and want to unwind. Choose your delicacies wisely. While you need some change with your regular food, avoid a sudden indulgence in very spicy, fatty or oily food. Take smaller portions of newer varieties to relish the taste and yet keep your tummy safe. Pick fresh farm fruits or vegetables. Partake in cooking meals, if possible, to learn new recipes.

Stay Hydrated

No matter what activities you participate in, make sure you carry water with you. Sip on water, coconut water, and fresh juices to stay hydrated. Warm drinks like green tea, soups are great to have throughout the day.


Weekend workout tips

Just like food, it is also essential to focus on your activities. You can enjoy your long weekend with these weekend workout tips. You can plan a more exciting workout or try something new if you are confident. You can make your weekend getaway more enthusiastic by indulging in activities that make your trip more remarkable.  

Stretch out

Keep your body active and not feel lazy during your outing.  Make sure you do some stretches in the morning. They are a perfect start to keep you fresh and relaxed as well.

Love outdoors

To make your outing enjoyable, plan outdoor activities. Go for jogging or cycling with your loved ones. Plan for treks and enjoy the nature or go for a swim. Make sure you walk where you can benefit from the beauty of nature, while you stay fit.

If you have been following a strict gym routine, for a weekend outing you may consider similar exercises, but using your body weight. Carry your yoga mats and find a beautiful place, on the beach or in the greens. Indulge in yoga and breathe in the fresh air while you slowly move through the various yoga poses. Aerobics or dance is yet another effective way to stay fit and enjoy a new activity over your weekend. Depending on the climate, you can also choose to perform these activities indoors.   

Rest enough

Rest is equally important to stay healthy during your long weekend. Take enough rest during the night, and if you enjoy, you can even doze off during your journey. Rest will help you relax and rejuvenate you. Avoid planning too much of site seeing on a single day to avoid over exhaustion. Choose the most exciting places and relax while you enjoy. After all, taking care of your health is also important while travelling during your weekend.


Protect your health

While you plan for the most memorable weekend outing, you surely do not want to skip your health and safety concerns. Make sure you wear protective gear for any adventure, as advised by the tour guide and follow safety rules. Make sure to carry your medicine kit, first aid box, individual requirements of the elderly, food supplies and nappies for babies. For those having allergies, know the foods to avoid and carry the details of your special dietary needs. Know your allergies and test yourself for health problems, before planning for your long weekend.

Use sunscreens or body moisturizers as per your needs and as advised by your doctor. Use sunglasses and umbrellas to protect from scorching sun, if it’s hot. Be prepared based on the season and practice moderation, so that the enjoyment is worth remembering. Maintain good hand washing techniques and use hand sanitisers, while on the go.

Above all, be alert to any changes in your health. If you note any symptoms, seek medical advice. It is nice to know if the place you are visiting has local travel clinics, to guide you. Know about your health and carry health reports along with, particularly for those under treatment.

Nevertheless, once these minor things are taken care of, your long weekend is sure to be amazing. Be free, breathe in fresh air and live those moments to the fullest. Plan a good outing, so that you won’t be guilty later. These ideas can help in staying on track over the weekend. Choose nutritious foods, eat just what your body needs, you can always have a check on your nutritional levels and then you can treat your deficiencies accordingly. You can surely take care of your health and weight with the healthy eating travel tips and these tips help you to stay healthy during your outings.

This way, you can enjoy your long weekend yet “stay healthy”! So, go ahead, plan for the best moments. Have a healthy outing! Have a great time!

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