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The food world is changing fast as per the market demand. Same and old food trends can be boring and monotonous. Breaking free, experimenting continuously and bringing new and better food ideas is what food industry is all about today.

The food trends this year have unfolded several twist and turbulence in the food market. The consumers have become very distrusting and sensitive about food and always in search for more, improved and healthy food choices. The increase in awareness will also be an important factor behind the upcoming changes in the present food trends around the globe. The world will behold a new food world in 2019.

Some of the major revolutions expected in the food industry are listed below.

The Foods Trends That Lay Ahead 

More transparency on food labels

The expected food trends

The increased awareness demands more clarity and transparency on the food front. Correct description about the ingredients used in making a food item and whether or not it has been genetically manipulated will matter a lot. The desire of the populace to know what is on their plate can lead to stricter laws aimed at more transparency. The more clear and honest food is, the more welcome it will receive.

Food as medicine

Your food should be your medicine

It is actually not a new thought. For centuries we have known that good food is the best kind of medicine. Although, we almost always manage to forget this obvious fact. Food helps people to live longer and healthier lives. It is the center of nutrition, health and wellness.

The coming year will also bring with it super powder trend. Super- powder means powdery concentrates of super foods like turmeric, acai, green tea, certain kinds of mushrooms, etc. Not only do they contain great properties that are useful for health but are also amazing taste enhancers. The wave of food awareness will only help the food world to flourish in a much healthier way.

Customized Healthy meals

What are the food trends going to be in the upcoming year?

Don’t we all love ordering our meals? Adding our own preferences, tweaking the meal as per our comfort is part of whole eating out experience.It is actually an old trend that will continue to grow in the upcoming year as well. The strongest food trends are all about healthier eating. Tailoring healthy meals as per preferences will become the new fad.


Fluids for fluidity

Know all about the upcoming food trends

The goodness of fluid intake will be emphasized in 2019. Growing awareness among people about the healthy fluid choices will boost the entire food market. Delicious drinks that come in all shades and flavors from silky, green brussels sprouts juice to colorful blends of papaya, pear and pineapple will boost the fitness mania around the globe. Easy-to-make healthy smoothies, shakes, juices are economic and contain customer-pleasing nutritional value.


Alternatives to allergenic foods

2019 brings new food advances

Food allergies are actually quite common and can sometimes have drastic affect on one’s health. As the number of people with food intolerance grows, the industry has to respond accordingly. The food world will witness an explosion of new anti-allergic food products. Several companies are working tirelessly through innovation, research and development to achieve the goal. From milk-free ice cream, completely vegan to gluten-free breads and other products like biscuits free of nuts, eggs, and even flour is going to revolutionize the way we eat.

Zero Food Waste

Understanding the new food trends for the upcoming year

Food wastage is a major concern and the 2019 will also bring with the zero food wastage trend. Chefs and diet gurus are encouraging the whole process and sharing their wisdom about reuse of leftovers and serving them beautifully as yummy meals. Faded vegetables, slightly overripe fruits or tired herbs can give great meals. The food industry has finally addressing this challenge and working on new ways to tackle it.

Food market is one of the most dynamic and innovative industry. Understanding the art of food and making wise food choices has led to several new trends throughout the globe. Food always teaches us to share, spread happiness, to break all boundaries and embrace all the good in the world. So, be a true foodie and spread the joy.